Should you post that?

Amber Rose and Grace Davidson

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Are you more likely to vent in real life or online?

  1. Online: 56/182
  2. In real life:99/182

Girls: Online- 36  Real Life- 101

Boys: Online- 6 Real Life- 39

We live in a digital world; Social media has become part of our daily routines. We spend hours upon hours scrolling through Instagram, snap-chatting, and tweeting away. While there are many different uses for social media, there has become a trend in recent years among teenagers: posting your feelings online. Some describe this term as “stuck in the feels,” where people find the need to post about personal problems to try to find an emotional outlet.

We took to Instagram, a popular form of social media where others post pictures and videos about their daily lives, to see what people thought of using social media as an emotional outlet. After 24 hours the results from our poll came back, concluding people think others should not use social media as an emotional outlet. Why this might be? A freshman boy responded, “Social Media should be used as entertainment, not as a virtual diary”. This is a perfect example of those that believe if you are seeking to express your emotions you should turn to sources outside social media, such as a journal or speaking to a therapist.

While some argue social media should not be used for an emotional outlet, others disagree. They feel social media can be used as a way for people to find others to connect to. One individual talked one-on-one with us about how social media helped with their past mental health issues. We were asked not to give away any names, but she is currently a senior at Canfield High School. People find others who share similar experiences to them, it gives them a way to chat and helps them find others to vent to. While some say this may not be the healthiest way of expressing emotions, they may find it easier to hide behind a phone than to talk to someone in real life.

Our results showed girls feel as it is more appropriate to use social media as an emotional outlet rather than boys. Is there a reason more girls prefer to express their emotions than boys? According to Scientific American, they answered yes to this; claiming that girls feel more open to express their emotions, while boys on the other hand feel the need to keep their feelings to themselves. While gender does not necessarily play a factor in whether or not people feel the need to express themselves, our survey shows girls seem to rather not care if people use social media as an emotional outlet over boys.

We drew the following conclusion, “people do not believe you should use social media as an emotional outlet.” While there is not much further scientific reasoning on why you should not use social media to vent about your feelings, people agree it is best to keep your feelings offline.

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