FashionNOVA in, overpriced fashion out

Aliyah Zoldan, Junior Contributor

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FashionNOVA has been described as a “viral store’, “social phenomenon”,  and even “The future of the fashion industry.”

In 2017 it was the fourth most googled fashion company. Falling behind luxury stores such as; Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, and Supreme. Also in 2017 the stores popularity and sales grew by 600%. They have over 14 million instagram followers, and get around a million more every two months.

Who is the genius behind the fashion company, which helped set the mainstreamifitication of the hip-hop culture clothing trend?

His name is Richard Saigon, the private owner FashionNOVA. He is known to be very private. Know to have only done a handful of face-to-face interviews due to the fact he gets very uncomfortable.  He was born in California, and has been involved in fashion ever since he can remember. His father owned a women’s retail store in California, where he would work during the summer learning the ins and outs. That is when he realized what he wanted to do with his life.

“I listen to my customers. I give woman what they want, are missing, and need. Getting into the minds of my customers is what really helped me to know what direction to push the company in.”, is what Saigon told Paper Magazine in one of his face-to-face interviews. “Overpriced fashion is dead.” Which is what makes his clothing so appealing they are affordable, and ahead of fashion trends.

FashionNOVA has built such a strong internet, and social media presence. It has over 3,000 “influencers”, who work with the company in getting its name out. The Influencers job is to wear some of FashionNOVAs clothing and post it on social media platforms. Saigon has made connections by working with people like Kylie Jenner, Kris Jenner, Nicki Minaj, Cardi B, and Bhad Bhabie. One post from Kylie Jenner wearing an article from the store, can result in over 50,000$ worth of sales. When Kylie Jenner post a picture tagging FashionNOVA, that makes her fans want to post wearing it too. Not to mention at the beginning of November Cardi B, and FashionNOVA released a collaboration which sold out within hours. Supposedly FashionNOVA pays Cardi B 20,000$ a month just to wear their clothing, and post. 


What makes FashionNova so different from other popular retailers, is the crowd they aim to please.“We thought we could be a little different by celebrating body positivity and using curvier girls which the customers really liked.”, Saigon says in an interview with BOF(business of fashion). FashionNOVA has pushed its way to be one of the top plus size retailers in the country.  They have over 1,000 manufacturers, which might intimidate most other retail stores. Saigon says main focus is not the profit, it is getting highest quality possibly to their customers. In the summer 80% of the clothing they sell is made right in the U.S, but in the winter months 80% is made overseas. 

Since the manufacturers are relatively close to the main office. Within 24 hours of creating a concept a sample is ready to be presented, and by 48 hours items are ready to be shot by the models who are in office Monday-Friday. In two weeks the items are ready to presented on the website, and in their stores. They release around 600-900 new styles every week. That can add up to around 6,000 a month, online and in stores. Richard now has five stores all around the L.A area. Even though he started hoping to have over 100 stores open around the U.S. His goal changed when he saw how successful the website was, now he has bigger goals ” Why open up stores when I can open up to countries online?”

FashionNOVA does not plan to slow down any time soon, they want to only get a bigger and stronger internet presence. They hope by recruiting people fresh out of college, that it will help in keeping up with the trends in the younger generations style.


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