Superintendent Geordan hosts lunches with seniors

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Superintendent Geordan hosts lunches with seniors

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Halloween, Spirit week, Primetime Fridays, the administration refusing to listen to their student body are all traditions of Canfield High school…or so you thought. Superintendent Alex  Geordan is making an effort to meet the entire graduating class about what they think will improve the school.

Mr. Geordan decided that meeting with a set of graduating seniors every Wednesday was the most efficient way to gather opinions and foster authentic conversations.

At the lunch that took place on October 10, Geordan said, “I’m not doing this just so that you can go home and tell your mothers and fathers, that ‘hey Mr. Geordan actually sat down with us.’”

Geordan continued,  “I did this in the previous district I worked at, and when I came to Canfield seven years ago, I didn’t know if I would be able to set time aside.”

Geordan said that he is interested in coming up with solutions to make a student’s school life more efficient.  

“Someone mentioned an app, like when you pick your seat at the movie theater, you pick your parking spot. We have a map of the parking lot, and whoever comes first picks their spot,” he said.

This idea was in response to the many complaints of seniors parking further away from the school than some underclassmen.

Another issue Geordan addressed was lockers. Students’ lockers are arranged by grade. Each grade has their own hallway, and from that grouping the lockers are given in alphabetical order. This results in students walking all the way across the school in the morning to grab their books and make it to Prime Time before the bell.

Geordan said, “An easy solution is to have the same locker for all four years, outside of your Prime Time, not based on grades or last names. This would also mean less work for the administration, only having to give new lockers to the incoming freshmen.”

Geordan also has big plans for Canfield’s 2019 graduating class. He chose to implement activities to help the seniors transition into their futures.

“The last couple days of school we are always trying to find something to do, so instead of just fluff, we are sitting you down and having you go through different activities that will help you at the next level,” he said.

He then dove deeper into what the “activities” may consist of.

“Let me give you an example, young men, sometimes we don’t use our heads and we say something or put ourselves in a situation that could be viewed as harassment of some sort. We need to educate you not to get yourselves in the situation, not to do this, this isn’t appropriate.”

Geordan then shifted his focus towards female students.

“Girls, don’t put yourselves in a situation where someone could question some sort of activity that has been going on. We need to educate you with self defense, teaching you folks, arming yourselves so you can defend yourself, that is going to be done this year,” he said.  

Geordan views these topics as easy fixes for the school to make students’ lives easier, and he plans to communicate the seniors’ feedback with building administration in order to improve the school.

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