Canfield welcomes four new staff members

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Going into the 2018 school year , Canfield High School made some new additions to its administrative and teaching staff. The additions include Mrs. Kuczek, Miss. Ambrosia, Mr. Shields, and Mr. Cochran.

Mrs. Kuczek 

This may be Mrs. Kuczek’s first year as Canfield High School’s librarian, but she has had several years of librarian experience previous to coming to Canfield.

“I was the school librarian for Saint Charles Schools for two years, then I was with the public library as a librarian before I came here,” said Kuczek.

Kuczek was very eager to begin working at Canfield High School, to get back into a “school setting”.

She spoke about her first impression of the Canfield community, “I missed working directly with kids; so it’s been great and everyone has been very welcoming, I think the kids here are great, and I’m very happy to be here.”

Kuczek has an extensive list of plans and goals for the new year, and is excited to begin putting them into action. “I want to paint the bookcases, and by the end of the school year I want to have gone through the whole collection and have made it more relevant to 2018,” she explained. In addition, she plans to have interactive activities after school, and decorate the library for every season and holiday.

She explained that she wants to jump in right away and begin working with the books. “I want to start by getting my hands on the collection, and really exploring it. I’ll do some revising, editing, and weeding,” Kuczek said.

“What really inspired me to be a librarian, was how much I loved reading. I just really enjoy the books and all the work, and I love working with kids,” Kuczek concluded.

Miss Ambrosia

Being a Canfield graduate, Ambrosia plans to start her first year at Canfield High School by “walking into the year with an open mind.” With the goal to help as many people as she can. Ambrosia plans to really enjoy her first year teaching at Canfield High School. Because she has lived in Canfield her whole life, starting to teach at a familiar school did not scare her.

Ambrosia chose to stay in Canfield for her teaching career because she feels, “It’s a good place to be, it’s a good community, and people are really helpful.”

For Ambrosia, Canfield has always been home and there was no good reason to leave. Getting the opportunity to give back to the community that inspired her to pursue a teaching career in the first place, Ambrosia is excited for her first year teaching at Canfield High School.

Ambrosia’s work consists most importantly in helping her students by “making sure that they meet their accommodations, if they have modifications, then working with them that way.” She also helps the teachers she works with by “collaborating and making lesson plans.”

Although Ambrosia has wanted to be a teacher since middle school, she had to decide what she wanted to teach.

“The reason I went into special ed was from high school when I was in helping hands,” she explained.

Working with kids and helping others has always been a passion for her.

After following her childhood dreams of becoming a teacher Ambrosia realized that going to high school at Canfield was much different from teaching there.

“Everything in general is different. When you’re a kid playing school or imagining school it’s not at all how it really is, you have guidelines you have to follow, you have things you have to get done by certain dates,” she said. For Miss. Ambrosia, teaching in real life “just provides a different perspective.”

Mr. Shields

Canfield High School welcomed Mr. Shields as their new assistant principal. Before coming to Canfield, Mr. Shields grew up in Conneaut, Ohio. He attended Conneaut high school, then eventually began teaching there later in his life. This was when he got his first impression of Canfield high school.

Shields explained that he was a coach at Conneaut High School, and several times had played Canfield teams and interacted with the school.

“I found out very quickly that the academics and athletics at Canfield are very high quality. I learned right away after meeting a few of you that it wasn’t a fluke, it was really what’s going on down here,” he said. 

But, Mr. Shields didn’t always want to be a principal. “A few of my colleagues I taught with asked if I ever thought about going into administration, but I always said no, because I thought that that wasn’t for me,” Shields said. But over time, he began to change his mind. “I realized that it’s a great way to make that second level change, and if someone has an idea you can run with it.” he stated.

Shields expressed his reasons for wanting to become an administrator or principle, “You’re contained to your classroom if you’re a teacher, but as an administrator, you have the ability to use the ideas from everyone and try to get something different going and start to think outside the box and I love that about it.”

Mr. Shields explained that his goals for the first year is really to just observe, and see what is going on, and how things run at Canfield.

“I want to observe to see what I think works well, or what I think we might need to try a little different. We want to continuously change and continuously get better. So my goal right now is to stop, step back, and evaluate and see if we can make any steps to improvement,” he concluded.

Mr. Cochran

 Mr. Cochran is Canfield High School’s new associate athletic director and assistant principal. While this is his first time working with Canfield schools, he does have some experience in being a school administrator.

“I have been an administrator at Lakeside high school, so this is my third year in administration,” said Cochran.

Mr. Cochran spoke of his previous knowledge of Canfield and how that compared to actually being here and being apart of the school district.

“Well being local, I had a pretty good idea of Canfield High school and everything else with it. Canfield is definitely different than where I had been working, but the kids are great, the faculty is great, and the administration is awesome,” he explained.

Before even becoming involved in school administration, Mr. Cochran always had an idea of what he wanted to do with his life.

“I have always wanted to work with kids, that was my biggest goal in life, and to enjoy it and have fun.” explained Cochran. 

Mr. Cochran expects his first year to run smoothly.

“Honestly it just has to do with the atmosphere here, there’s an excitement everyday, so I don’t expect any issues or problems, and I expect to have fun,” he concluded.


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