Canfield high school unveils new student section

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On September 8, Canfield High School revealed their new student section. Although students had their doubts about the new student section, it was well received by students, teachers, and fans.

Athletic Director Greg Cooper said, “It was really the principal’s decision to move. It gave the parents more room to be able to watch and not worry about the students standing, being rowdy, and being in the way of sitting parents.” Cooper continued on to say, “I thought it would be nice for the students to have a space to be kids. They are now able to play music, cheer loudly, stand, and have more freedom.”

After Canfield’s dominant 35-13 win over Chardon, multiple football players were asked their opinions on the new student section.

Senior football player Joey Marzano said, “ It definitely looked like the students were having fun. I don’t really  pay attention during the games, but during the fourth quarter I looked up for friends and it was definitely harder to find them in the crowd. Although it was more appealing to look at the students in a separate area.”

Senior football player Cole Morrell voiced his opinion as well. “When we were driving on the other side of the field it was harder to hear the students, but when we were near them it was insanely loud. It was super fun to see them in their own area having a good time.”

Canfield High School is currently using the bleachers from Canfield Middle School’s football field. When it arrived there were many comments made about it being too small, not that tall, and too wide.

Senior student section leader Chance Merlin also voiced his concerns, but after the game they were put to rest. “I was afraid it was going to be too small, but it actually fit us all quite nicely. I still am upset that we were moved, but I understand why.”

Junior Emilia Aey gave her input as well. “I definitely think everyone had a lot more fun. I liked being away from the parents, because we had more freedom and even brought a speaker. I think the parents liked it as well, because they didn’t have 200 jumping high schoolers screaming in their face. All together I think it was a success”

Although students had their speculation about the new section, there did not see to be a person who had a bad time. Canfield High School’s new student section was a success.

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