CHS admin proposes changing GPA scale

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CHS admin proposes changing GPA scale

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The Canfield High School administration is proposing making a change to the current GPA scale. The proposal includes changing the current 5.0 system down to a 4.0 system meaning there would be no more weighted classes. This change would affect the class of 2020 and all graduating classes to follow. The change is still tentative, but administrators and students have differing opinions on the issue.

The administration has three main justifications for the change. In a letter they distributed to students, they made the following points: First, they say “students refuse to take 4 point electives that are not required. This means they are not taking classes that are relevant to their career interests because the points decrease their GPA. Second, the say “students are overloading themselves with honors classes, causing them extreme anxiety and stress in many instances.” Lastly, they state “student participation in activities is slowly decreasing as they attempt to compete in collegiate level classes. We feel that developmentally it is important to allow students to have full high school experience by not overwhelming them with too many honors level classes.”

Ashley Thompson, a sophomore at CHS, said, “Personally, I understand the concerns the school has with students’ choice to take multiple AP and advanced courses along with rising stress levels, however, I don’t think an unweighted GPA system for the class of 2020 and below is the appropriate solution. Students who accomplish an A in an advanced/AP course should be credited for more than a student achieving an A in a regular class because the AP/Advanced course is simply more challenging and requires more effort. A student achieving a B in an advanced course should not fall beneath the student achieving an an A in a regular class.”

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Thompson also suggested a better solution to the issue is a requirement of a certain number of electives and a study hall. She says if a GPA change is insisted, the administration should impose this on a future incoming high school class that has not yet started their high school career rather than on a class that is already halfway through.  

Francesca Riccardi, another Canfield High School sophomore, said she also dislikes the changes and says that students use these classes to improve their GPA and as something to fall back on if students do not do well in one of their classes. She feels it is pointless now to take these advanced courses away and most of her friends are dropping these classes in the coming school year due to this change.

Sydney Russell commented on stress levels due to the proposed change. She said, “I don’t think the change would decrease students’ stress levels because it makes it much harder to have a higher GPA. If a student gets one B, then they wouldn’t be able to ever have a 4.0 again with the new system, but with the old system, the student could just take an advanced class to raise their GPA again. Even though an advanced class would put stress on the student, it would give them more room to be able to have a B and still get a 4.0.”

To conclude, students and administration have different opinions regarding a GPA change, but one thing is clear: if enacted, this change will impact students, for better or worse, for years to come. 

A decision is expected by Monday, June 4. 

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