Canfield trustees vote to move development forward

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Canfield trustees vote to move development forward

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On May 1, the Canfield Township trustees held a town hall meeting to discuss the rezoning of an area located just off of 224. On May 21, exactly 20 days later, the trustees held their official vote. Keep in mind that this vote was only for the zoning within the Joint Economic Development District (JEDD), not the JEDD itself.

The meeting was a regular trustee meeting, with a focus on the JEDD zoning. The meeting was not intended to have the vote as the only order of business.

As with all government meetings, this meeting began with the pledge of allegiance. The standard part of the meeting was run by the trustee chair, Brian Governor. After the pledge, the meeting focused on public presentations, where citizens were able to voice their opinions and suggestions on township matters.

The attendance of this meeting on the 21 was significantly lower than that of the May 1. The developer was in attendance, but most of the concerned citizens were nowhere to be found. There were no public presentations.

A section of land that will be included in the JEDD development.

After the public presentation section, the board began with their discussion on the JEDD agreement. Trustee Marie Cartwright led the board in this discussion. She detailed the multiple options they had for the resolution. They could approve or deny the recommendations provided to them by the zoning board a few weeks before.

After some brief discussion, Cartwright introduced the resolution itself. The resolution was indeed impressive, and it took at least a full minute to read. After the resolution was introduced, a vote was given. The resolution was unanimously passed. This means that the JEDD will continue. Cartwright said that they were working towards further concessions from the developer, and there was still a long road ahead.

After the JEDD voting, the meeting continued as a normal trustee meeting. Most of the citizens left the hall at that point, as the JEDD resolution was the only thing they were anticipating.

The next order of business was the reports from each official. The trustees gave individual reports on things they noticed while in the township. Then, the township administrator, Keith Rogers, gave his report. Finally, the fiscal officer, Carmen Heasley, gave her report. These reports were mostly public works related. They included everything from installing smoke detectors in town hall to a replacing a blown fuse in a local park to cleaning fallen trees to a discussion on why public works had watered cemetery graves despite the recent downpours.

The trustees then went on the voting for smaller resolutions. There was a unanimous vote that had to do with recycling bins. Once it was voted yes, Brian Governor signed the resolution on the spot. There were also resolutions that had to do with warrants and electronic payments, both of which were unanimously voted yes.

Once the resolutions were passed, there was a period of trustee comments, and they finally adjourned into an executive session. At this point, I took my leave.

The next trustee meeting will take place on June 12. Overall, the trustees were able to pass several resolutions and addressed numerous problems. This has also been another step in the long journey of this JEDD development.

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