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It’s Art Show season at CHS

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It’s Art Show season at CHS

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On May 23rd and 24th, students across the Canfield School District will display their art at the annual Art Show. To celebrate the talent of dedicated students, selected seniors will have a booth to display their pieces throughout the years. All of the AP Drawing seniors are guaranteed a booth and each have a unique creative process.

Francesca Santon starts by observing everyday objects and taking pictures. Then, she decides how to change the colors and details to fit her style. Santon explained, “Usually, I just map it out inside of my head. Then, I will draw or sketch things a few times. Then, I will go in with color.”

Natalia Ritenour’s art follows a similar pattern, but the changes are exaggerated even further. She added, “Say if I were doing a portrait of a face, I would add blue into it. That’s just my thing or I’ll put alien rings around it. I love to do that stuff.”

However, the creative process doesn’t always come with ease. Kate Jenkins said, “I don’t work through a creative block. You need time. If you’re blocked and nothing’s working, you need to take a break and step back.”

To help gather ideas, Jenkins gets inspiration from other artists and their techniques.

Alyssa Santoro also faces creative blocks. Since she enjoys realistic pieces, Santoro is able to pull elements from her personal life. She said, “When I do a piece, it always means something to me.”

If Santoro is particularly stuck, Mr. Hoopes is willing to offer ideas and techniques.

Taryn Rothbauer uses her art to appreciate her loved ones. She said, “Most of what I do is drawings of people I love. If I’m ever feeling really grateful for a person or I really miss a person, that is my inspiration.”

Rothbauer also mentioned her appreciation for religious glorification pieces, which she incorporates into her work. Rothbauer uses acrylics to smooth out her rough movements. Additionally, she uses acrylics and water to add translucent light to her religious pieces.

While each of these seniors has a different approach to art, one thing is clear: they are all incredibly talented.

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It’s Art Show season at CHS