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Canfield’s School Safety Following Parkland

With a student-led walkout looming, many are searching for solutions as national debate continues


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Nearly two weeks following yet another school shooting—this time in Parkland, Florida—Canfield Local Schools Superintendent Alex Geordan released a statement highlighting some of the security measures put into place throughout the district.

Geordan stated in part, “. . . we take the safety of our students and staff seriously. . . we cannot prevent tragic things from happening in our community or in our schools . . . However, we are continuously working to educate our children on how to stay safe.”

Some of the safety features Geordan cited in the Canfield Local Schools Release include:

  • A new buzzer system at each building’s main entrance.
  • Installed panic buttons in each building that alert the Canfield Police Department when activated.
  • The creation of safety plans in collaboration with Homeland Security.

The tragic events in Parkland, Florida have reignited passionate debate for issues such as gun control as the American public and lawmakers alike scramble to find answers.

When asked about the measures that are in place at Canfield High School to ensure the safety of students, Administrator Michael Moldovan stated that he does not discuss specific protocols, adducing safety concerns.

The Canfield High School principal also stated that “the people that control laws are legislators,” speaking in regard to those who turn to schools for answers concerning preventative measures.

“I believe in people advocating for themselves,” said Moldovan.

Some students at Canfield High School are also planning a walk-out for March 14.

Those who plan to participate say they are doing so to memorialize those who lost their lives in the latest shooting tragedy that killed seventeen.

Senior Zac Sine is a part of the counter-terrorism social studies course that is spear-heading the initiative.

“We want to be apart of the national movement,” said Sine.

“It is us standing up for Parkland—and all of the schools.” 

Sine stated others who feel the student’s actions is to just oppose guns are wrong.

“This is to promote school safety and it’s a memorial for the kids who have lost their lives, both in Parkland, and to gun violence as a whole.”

Moldovan said that students should “do what you feel is right,” and clearly noted that as an administrator, the school is obligated to do what they feel is right with respect to the consequence of student actions.

Canfield Local Schools official board policy states that “students who by words, acts or deeds directly or indirectly incite others or themselves to commit violence or disrupt the atmosphere or order and discipline of the school may be subject to suspension or expulsion.”

The handbook specifically cites “strikes or walk-outs,” as a component of “disruption,” noting, “Anyone violating this policy may be refereed to the Canfield Police Department.”

When junior Brooke Crissman was asked if she felt safe while in school, her reply was “noI really don’t.”

Crissman mentioned the easy access to gain entry to buildings such as Canfield High School as a component of her cause for concern.

On the topic of a walk-out, Crissman said she would not want the actions to send the wrong message.

“I definitely would if it meant me standing up to make a change,” she said.

Nationally, Republican Senator Marco Rubio took the stage last week as a part of a town-hall style event that aired on CNN.

The Florida Senator bore the brunt of angry parents and upset students as he said that issues such as these “can’t be solved with gun laws alone.”

When Rubio was asked directly if he would not accept any donations from the National Rifle Association by a survivor of the Parkland shooting, Rubio stated the NRA, “buys into my agenda, I don’t buy into theirs.”

Students who survived the shooting are also making their voices heard to lawmakers, noting what some see as a step in a different direction than in past events of this nature.

On February 17, Emma González, and 18 year-old survivor,  gave a speech on the steps of the Broward County Federal Courthouse in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

“What matters is that the majority of American people have become complacent in a senseless injustice that occurs all around them,” she wrote in a recent release of Harper’s Bazaar, a women’s fashion magazine.

“What matters is that most American politicians have become more easily swayed by money than by the people who voted them into office. What matters is that my friends are dead, along with hundreds upon hundreds of others all over the United States.”

In Ohio, Governor John Kasich spoke out on CNN for common sense gun laws including controversial comments on banning assault weapons

“Would you feel as though your Second Amendment rights would be eroded because you couldn’t buy a Goddarn AR-15?” Kasich said. “These are the things that have to be looked at.  And action has to happen before–and, look, you’re never going to fix all of this, but common sense gun laws make sense.”  

Kasich has signed bills that loosened restrictions on where Ohioans could carry concealed handguns. Now, they can be brought into daycares, state parking garages, private aircraft, bars, restaurants and universities – if given permission by school officials.

Decisions surrounding matters of this sort will continue to undergo relentless debate by survivors and students alike—as well as those, like some Canfield High School students, who are demanding action—but any action to take flight remains in the hands of lawmakers.


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