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No more net neutrality


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On December 14th, 2017 the FCC, with head chairman Ajit Pai Federal Communications Commission, voted to repeal net neutrality. Even though many Americans were angry with the decision in the weeks in advance 3 of the 5 chairman decided to stick with the repeal. So what does this exactly mean?  

Net neutrality is the principle that Internet service providers must treat all data on the Internet the same, and not discriminate or charge differently by user, content, or website. However, because it has been repealed certain internet providers are eligible to charge or slow down access to websites of their choosing. For example it can get to be very similar to what occurs in Portugal, where certain websites are within certain packages and you have to pay monthly for them.

Even though such a critical vote was conducted, many Canfield High students are still unaware of the consequences.

First we talked to sophomore Athena Poullas, to see if she was aware of what the FCC is and the vote.

Poullas said, “I have no idea what the FCC is and what the vote was about. I just remember seeing stuff on Snapchat.”

Next we talked to freshman Jackson Crist, who was a little more aware of the issue.

“I’m not really sure what the FCC is, but I do know they did something with net neutrality and making us pay for some websites,” said Crist. 

However, we finally interviewed sophomore, Khushi Patel who did not know what the FCC does on a daily basis but was very aware of what the vote was about.

“I know net neutrality got repealed and it allows providers to charge us extra for certain social media accounts and websites,” said Patel. 

Although net neutrality was appealed, it does not mean that all these negatives are guaranteed to occur. The Open Internet Order which stated service providers must treat all internet traffic equally, was placed into effect in 2010. This made it so smaller business have the same access as bigger businesses.

However this also means previous years did not have a safety net of net neutrality and the internet still expanded greatly.

Though this decision can impact everyone it has not gained as much attention as it shuld have, leaving many people uneducated on the topic. Though with 19 states currently suing the repeal there still is a chance that it may not uphold.

But until further verdict by courts we are stuck without the safety of net neutrality.


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No more net neutrality