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Saying goodbye to departing CHS English teacher Meghan Shively


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A vital aspect of my life revolves the written word. Without going too much into a personal rant, I’ve loved writing since the day I could recognize what a word was. So, naturally, English class and the teachers of said classes have always been my favorites. Almost every year of my schooling has brought with it an amazing English teacher that I very much looked to as a role model.

Uncommon? Yes. A bit nerdy? Very. Important to me, and many others still? Absolutely.

This has never been more true to me than my freshman year of high school. I came in as the stereotypical fresh high schooler: uncertain, relatively scared, and overwhelmed. But there was one class I had, right at the start of the day, that I knew I could at least somewhat look forward to. Honors ninth grade English. What I went into, surpassed even my expectations of what an English class was. And it was all due to Miss Shively!

Miss Shively, even under the pressure of state testing and standards, and the usual pile of nonsense that plague most teachers, really showed how much she cared. How much she wanted us to get more than a grade out of her class. She wanted to tell us her stories, and us to tell her ours. She wanted to spread her love of Oreos. She wanted us to learn, to laugh, to love everything we did. She wasn’t just our teacher, we weren’t just classmates. We were a family way back then. And I believe it’s safe to say she’s left this impression on everyone who’s had the pleasure of having her as a teacher.

This year, now my junior year, I was ecstatic to be back in her classroom, this time for creative writing; a class in which all the amazing things she strove to do when I had her before, blossomed in full. She created a class that was more of a cooperation between us and her. Our input was valued every step of the way, and she made sure that the plain and simple goal of the class was for us to be happy in our creativeness, not constrained by rigid grading scales and guidelines.

Miss Shively has become a vital cornerstone of this school. So many students know and love her, and have formed lasting bonds with her. She’s the person many feel comfortable to talk to about anything and everything, and she’s one of the few who is gladly there for us even outside of just being our teacher.

And, as of about a week ago now, the news hit that she will be leaving next year.

Yeah, pretty much everyone cried. It’s fine, everything’s fine.

Joking aside, while I feel I can speak for everyone in the fact that we’re all at least a little disappointed that she won’t be here next year, we’re also extremely excited and happy for her. Wherever she goes, I hope she knows that she has Canfield’s full fledged support. Because how could we not give her the support and caring she’s managed to make us feel after just a few short years in this school?

So, as a bit of a goodbye, I wanted to sit down with Miss Shively, and give her the opportunity to have one last story, one last talk, one last farewell to Canfield High School. And while she’ll claim she rambled and did an awful job, she really went crazy with the questions asked, to the point where I decided to put her full interview into video format. Which you can now go view above this article!

You finish watching? Don’t you ignore Miss Shively.

Okay, I’ll trust anyone reading has watched her interview.

Miss Shively, once again speaking on behalf of the school, Canfield is very much going to feel your absence. But those that have had you as teacher and those that haven’t have definitely been impacted by you, and we’ll all cherish the memories and lessons you’ll be leaving.

And, as a personal goodbye, I’m really going to miss having you at this school. I won’t have one of my number one fans when it comes to my books around anymore! And while I’m also pretty sad I have to drop my plan of hoping to be your student helper next year for study hall, I’m really happy for you and the opportunity you have moving forward. And I wish you nothing but the best of luck.

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Saying goodbye to departing CHS English teacher Meghan Shively