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Despite rust, school’s water is safe

Kyle Thompson

Kyle Thompson

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Water is essential to life.

At Canfield High School, there is no shortage of water. But is it clean?  

Recently we took a jar full of sink water from the boys bathroom in the language department hallway and did the same with the girls bathroom.

The boys’ water had a noticeable brown tint. The girls’ water looked white and cloudy, but that faded away after a minute or two. Upon making these observations about the water, we went to the science department to get a scientific view and explanation. We used pH strips and tested the water. The healthy pH range for water is between 6.5 and 8, and it happened to be that the sink water tested around 7, which is considered normal.

The water looked strange, but it tested fine for pH, so we were puzzled. Mr. Hlaudy, though, had an answer.

Hlaudy, the physics teacher, said, “It was probably just a little calcium and a lot of iron. There’s no harm to some extra iron. It just means that water hasn’t been used in a while so the rust from the pipes wore off which is essentially iron, so no big deal. If I don’t use a sink in a while for my room, the water can even turn a dark orange brown color. It looks gross, but there is little harm. After using and circulating the water all of that will flush out and will be clear again within three days. So that water will return to clear in a few days. And for the girls water, the white fogginess is just the bubbles in the water and they go away fast. Again, no harm.”

For good measure, we decided to ask Mr. Kerr about the situation since he has a strong opinion about public water.

“I would never drink school water as with any other public water. I’ve seen very gross things come out of some school fountains so I always bring my own water, and I tell my students to do the same; however, since this is sink water it’s a little different, but that does seem gross,” Kerr said.

Despite Mr. Kerr’s fears, it sounds like everything is normal and the only reason the boys’ water is brownish is because their sink water isn’t left running as much or as often, which raises another issue.

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Despite rust, school’s water is safe