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Students publicly display their distaste for PDA


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“As long as there have been high schools, there have been students smoochin’ in the hallways.”

This quote from Canfield High School Principal Michael Moldovan delves into the commonplace of the couple and the exasperation of the single: PDA.

Public displays of affection, or PDA, are something that most authority figures appear to have a mutual disgust for. But, as of late, it has gained even more disapproval of an entirely different demographic: students.

Moldovan continued to offer his take on the subject, stating that he only witnesses PDA between students “once in a while.” He has no recollection of ever handing down a punishment for PDA.

When asked if he thought PDA is a worrisome issue at CHS, Moldovan said, “I don’t endorse it. I don’t promote it. But I don’t think it’s a huge problem.”

However, in a survey given to 50 students, both single and in relationships, the results offered an opposing point of view.

Out of all surveyed students, only one claimed to have never seen a public display of affection at Canfield High School. Additionally, over half claimed that they witness it “frequently” or “excessively.”

When asked how PDA makes them feel, the two most common responses were “uncomfortable” or “grossed-out.” The only students who had positive feelings about PDA were those who claimed to have taken part in it themselves.

Junior Eva Lamberson made her stance on the topic clear.

“PDA is gross,” Lamberson said. “It’s unnecessary and harms the educational environment.”

Carson Markley, a senior at CHS, agreed with Lamberson.

“It’s pretty awful,” he said. “Why not just do it in the privacy of your home?”

Students at Canfield High School have always been exposed to PDA and seem more uncomfortable with it than anyone else. But with more disapproval from the students than the staff, the likelihood of it coming to an end is slim.

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Students publicly display their distaste for PDA