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For what seems to have been the past infinity, the city of Canfield has been on the edge of their seats, so dearly waiting for one thing.

The opening of our very own Chipotle.

“Opening a brand new location is extremely hard work,” said Daniel Pierce, the mastermind behind the training, organizing, and opening of the new Chipotle location.

Pierce started the hiring process way back in early December. Working day and night, setting up interview after interview, he worked to hire his team of 30 people.

Pierce explained, “30 people hired in a little over a month might sound easy, but it is not, especially when you have maybe 2-4 applicants a day.”

By the start of the new year, Daniel had only hired half of the team. He was stressed, worried, and concerned if he had hired the right people for the job. But after it was all said and done?

“I can confidently say, I did,” Pierce proclaimed.

But this was merely the beginning of the journey. Next up? Training week.

The day before the whole crew was brought in, the management team had already begun. They received the kitchen and office supplies and prepared for the ensuing week. The following day began the 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. shifts for the brand new Chipotle employees, split into morning and afternoon shifts for them, but an all day endeavor for management. Behind the scenes planning, cleaning, and prepping all went into the successful formula Dan had set up for his new team with his fellow managers.

With the contributions of everyone, the week seemed to pass by with flying colors. While obviously facing their share of difficulties as any new team would, Pierce said, “After opening the restaurant, watching the team follow out everything that they have learned could bring tears to my eyes. Dreams do come true at Chipotle.”

He continued, “That doesn’t mean every day is easy, I am exhausted, I’ve lost 10 pounds through this process, because I literally do not have time to eat. But I wouldn’t do it any differently.”

The week was not only viewed as a success from Pierce but also from the viewpoint of the staff.

“Personally speaking, it’s a challenge. But not in a negative way. It takes a lot more work than people realize, and it’s not a place where you can try to be anything less than your best self because it shows. It might be overwhelming at times but it is 100% worth it,” Sophia Grenzig explained her experience at Chipotle thus far.

Austin Householder added on, “It’s a fun, relaxed environment with good people who care about what they do. It might be a fast food chain but it’s good, healthy food and they care about every individual employee. I absolutely love working there.”

And not only is the team getting along great, they are pride themselves in many different areas.

Householder continued, “I believe Chipotle is one of the safest places to eat. They handle their cleanliness and sanitation with absolute care and they are a good company with good values.”

In fact, the restaurant takes many different measures to ensure the healthiest food, in the cleanest environment possible. There are strict procedures involving all raw meat and the washing, and prep of any food. Employees wash their hands and change the sanitizer and sink water every hour. And with so many stations – prep, grill, frontline with tortillas, and frontline with salsa – employees must master their current position if they hope to expand where they work at all. It’s items like these and many more that is setting this new restaurant on the right track.

Along with ensuring only the best health standards, the crew is sure to provide on a number of different aspects; From making everything fresh, – the chips, the guac, you name it – to having a specific, set playlist for the lobby, the Canfield Chipotle pride themselves on creating the best experience for the customer in all areas.

In describing why this job means so much to him, Pierce said, “Chipotle has been a not only an inspiration to me to find the best version of myself but it has allowed me to make connections with some of the best people on earth. Although I have a bachelor’s degree in nursing, Chipotle allows me to follow out my dreams of helping people in a different way. I can select the very best people and help them by allowing them to find their best version of themselves.”

While finding some definite success in their early days, the Canfield Chipotle employees only hope to continue to grow and improve in the many days to come. They’re working to make an impact in the food industry and in the lives of all of their customers.

Pierce concluded, “Every day gets easier, and soon the Canfield Chipotle will be the best in the area.”

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The moment Canfield has been waiting for