Bundling up for winter doesn’t mean hiding your style

Khushi Patel and Aliyah Zoldan

Hey, it is Khushi Patel and Aliyah Zoldan, back again! Now that the weather is getting colder, and the snow is beginning to fall, we are here to inform you on 2019/2020 winter fashion.

We looked at some of the most popular fashion designers across the world to see what they are incorporating into their winter wardrobe, and now its time to see if CHS has caught on to some of the newest fashion-forward trends this winter season!

A denim jacket trend became popular in the 90’s which has already been seen as having a comeback. 90’s trends are totally in! Mom jeans, hair clips, and even denim jackets. The sherpa denim jackets are a winter staple, they might not be seen as “high fashion”, but they are a necessity as the weather gets colder! 















Cardigans are a winter classic, but they were not a common runway look because of the “frumpiness” that is said to go with it. At 2019/2020 fashion week, though, there was a resurgence of cardigans done by some of the most renowned designers. We believe this is due to the popularity of unisex pieces arising in our culture, and cardigans are very representative of that. Cardigans are great for layering pieces and especially just that added cushion for warmth. 






















Balloon sleeves, the little pop in the shoulder, is back! It was first seen in the renaissance and was later seen in the 1930’s. Unisex fashion is seeing a resurgence with denim jackets and now balloon/shoulder pads for women and men.  















A pop culture fashion trend from last year that has rippled over to this winter season is the “teddy bear” jackets. This trend came from social media influencers and the new age of internet. These jackets seem to have stuck for the past couple years, however, we will have to wait and see if it becomes a trend that sticks with us through the years of winter fashion. 


The plaid trend is a classic fashion statement and will continue to be seen in the fashion world for all seasons to come. Working with patterns is daunting, but its not that hard! To simply pair it with a plain tee that matches the colors in the plaid or even a graphic tee that pulls the small color in your plaid piece! 















Canfield High School has incorporated popular fashion trends into their outfits and they have done it in their own unique way! 

Don’t be afraid to play with patterns and textures. Fashion is a statement, and based on what you choose to wear, that’s the statement you make to your world. Wear whatever makes you comfortable and whatever you want to wear this winter season and for all other season to come!


Khushi Patel & Aliyah Zoldan