Khushi//Aliyah//Fall fashion


Khushi Patel, Senior Contributor

Knit sweaters, graphic hoodies, leather jackets and mom jeans are just some of the things you will see kids wearing at Canfield High School this fall.

Khushi and I decided that we wanted to get insight on popular trends for fall and see if it was reflected in the student body.

We went around the school to ask some of Canfield’s most fashionable students their take on fall trends and some of their favorites.

Aren Villano, a senior at CHS, loves pairing colorful flannels with really simple hoodies. His go to style is street wear, but he will try to build his outfits around his unique shoes. His style inspiration comes from rappers such as Playboi Carti and A$AP Rocky.

Zach Russo, a Canfield Senior said his favorite trend for fall is a flannel with a dark jean. His staple this fall is to layer, long sleeves and light hoodies with flannels. His style inspiration comes from Joe Alwin.

Another resident member of Canfield High School, Lexi Gonda, said her favorite trend around fall time are sweaters, especially oversized ones.

Gonda’s outfit staple are “a good pair of shoes. They can change an outfit.” Her style icons are Meghan Markle and Blake Lively.

Jenna Deliso and Abbi Havrilla both said their staples for when the weather gets colder are turtlenecks. Abbi also is loving the mom jean trend this fall. Jenna’s style icon is Zendaya and Abbi’s is Youtuber, Zoella. 

I, Aliyah Zoldan, am always really intrigued by other people’s takes on fall fashion. However, my fall fashion would obviously fit in with my edgier style, and I am really big on faux leather this season. I love leather jackets and boots. I think layering is super important and can take a really simple look next level even if it is just adding a knit cardigan. My looks are inspired by models like Kendall Jenner, Emily Ratajowski and singer Jennifer Lopez.

I, Khushi Patel, love fall season for fashion. It’s finally time to layer clothes. One of my favorite things to do is wear a light long sleeve shirt under a short sleeve. It takes a classic short sleeve shirt but adds a unique look with the long sleeve layer underneath. My fall fashion icons are Enya, Clairo and Rihanna.