Social Studies teacher Racz is here to stay


Brian Racz, known by his beloved students as Mr. Racz, is an AP Government teacher at Canfield High School.

Before teaching AP Government, Mr. Racz taught Global Studies for one year at Boardman, and World History for a few years after. He has taught AP Government ever since. Prior to beginning his teaching career, Mr. Racz attended the University of Toledo for one year where he studied business. After completing his first year, Mr. Racz realized that both Toledo and business were not the right fit, so he transferred to Youngstown State University where he double majored in history and education.                                                     

Mr. Racz is now entering his second year teaching at Canfield. When asked how his first year of teaching here went he said, “If there was one word that I would use [to describe it], it would be busy.”

Teaching six of the same classes was a challenge for him; it was hard to remember what he had said or hadn’t said to each class, especially as the year went on. On the other hand, Mr. Racz described Canfield as a great, calm place to teach.

He said, “Everybody just knows what to do, and they just kind of do it.”

Prior to teaching at Canfield, Racz taught at Boardman High School for 15 years, and was later the Vice Principal at Austintown High School for three years. When asked what he prefers ⸺teaching or being an administrator ⸺ he made it apparent that he would much rather teach.

When asked if Mr. Racz would ever consider going back to being an administrator he said, “You never say no. You never say no about anything, but it is not something I desire to revisit anytime soon.” 

Changing schools is never an easy task for anyone, regardless if you’re a student or an administrator.

When Mr. Racz was asked what it is like going to a new school as a teacher compared to as a student he replied with, “It’s probably the same in a lot of ways. I’m living that now, from the other standpoint, because we [him and his wife] enrolled our kids this year at Hilltop. My son started kindergarten, and my daughter started fourth grade.”

Mr. Racz said that all schools have a set of “expectations” as he puts it.

“There’s just things that you know when you’ve been in a place for so long, like how things work, and the flow of how the year goes. You don’t really know anyone. I didn’t know a single person when I started last year except for a few faculty members because I student taught here in 2003,” he said.  

Overall, Mr. Racz is adjusting well to life at Canfield. He thoroughly enjoys the district, his job, as well as the people. Mr. Racz loves how everyone goes with the flow here and never really puts up a fight. For the years to come, Mr. Racz is here to stay.