Hoosier daddy?… Broc Lowry

 Broc Lowry, senior quarterback and role model at Canfield High is a true leader on and off the football field. He recently decided to continue his athletic and academic career at Indiana University. We were lucky enough to catch up with Broc and learn more about him.  

Broc is a three year starter for the cardinals and has done many great things on the field. He has led their team to regionals twice and is looking to strive for their third. But let’s talk about what he does off the field that most do not see.

Lowry is a humble individual that holds the responsibility of being a leader.

He said, “I try to uphold a good reputation along with being a leader in the community. I know there are a lot of eyes on me and I try to be a great role model.” 

Pressure is something that has surrounded Broc throughout his high school career. He has endured it since earning a starting spot his sophomore season. High intensity games have always been a part of Broc, though. We asked him how he responds to it, he said, “I perform better under pressure just like a diamond.” 

Throughout the recruitment process, Broc was receiving attention from schools all around the country. Although it was a difficult decision, after visiting Indiana he knew what to do.

Lowry said, “Indiana had everything there I needed to be successful. The academics are great and playing in the Big 10 will let me play on the biggest stage possible.” 

Staying hydrated is an essential part of Broc’s game day routine. We dove in a little deeper to ask him what his favorite brand of water was. Quickly, without hesitation, chose the one and only giant eagle brand and made sure to tell us he stays away from any type of spring water.

Lowry has soaked in the last four years of high school and made sure his time was spent right. We asked him if he had any advice for the incoming freshman, he responded by saying, “Don’t take it for granted because it goes really fast. You don’t want to have any regrets going out of high school so do whatever to have the best time possible.”

The Canfield community is behind Broc and supports him as he hopes to continue his success at the next level. We know the standout football player will leave his mark not only on the field but also as a great person.