Ranking Dunkin’s doughnuts, including the new ghost pepper doughnut

Haley Tisone, Mia Flak, and Alana Zoldan

Dunkin’ Donuts recently released a new Spicy Ghost Pepper donut. This donut flavor is definitely different from all the others. Unlike most donuts, it will leave your tongue burning. Dunkin’ describes the new donut as: “ a classic yeast donut ring, topped with a strawberry flavored icing that features a bold blend of cayenne and ghost pepper, and finished with red sanding sugar for a sizzling look. We couldn’t wait much longer to give it a try!

We decided to try it along with some classics, some weird sounding flavors, and the seasonal pumpkin donut. We had four taste testers and you may be surprised where the spicy donut ended up on our list. 

We ranked the donuts from the best to the worst:

Chocolate Glazed
Sour Cream
Boston Cream
Spicy Ghost Pepper
Vanilla Frosted
Maple Frosted


Chocolate Glazed won first place in the donut ranking because it’s not too sweet and everything a donut is supposed to be. Pumpkin won second because again, it was exactly what it was supposed to be and had a great flavor.

The Sour Cream donut came in third place because it was so moist. Thankfully, it did not taste like its name. It could be compared to the glazed, which came in fourth. The two donuts are very similar, the glazed donut is just more dry.

 The Boston Cream donut came in fifth. Coconut followed as sixth as a very controversial donut. Coconut lovers would have placed it higher, but coconut haters wanted it at the bottom of the list. 

The Strawberry Frosted donut came in seventh with the Ghost Pepper donut following behind. This was funny because the Ghost Pepper donut is essentially a strawberry frosted donut with the addition of cayenne and ghost pepper in the frosting. This leads me to believe that the Ghost Pepper donut is unnecessary. No one really liked it, it was just strange. 

Vanilla Frosted and Maple were listed after the spicy donut because they were way too sweet. Cruller was ranked below those because it was a wet donut and wasn’t very pleasant. Last was Lemon. Lemon was not even liked by lemon lovers. 

In conclusion, Dunkin’s new Spicy Ghost Pepper donut is not needed. A donut and peppers should not mix. Instead, just order a strawberry frosted donut.