Joe Knoll is Canfield Local Schools district’s new superintendent

Joe Knoll is Canfield Local Schools districts new superintendent

Delaney Pallo, Senior Contributor

“Together, we will honor our past while we shape our future!” 

These promising words wrap up this school year’s “Superintendent’s Message” on the Canfield Local Schools website. Though this message was published on August first of this year, Canfield High School students have had few interactions with the man who wrote it. 

As of May 22, 2020, Mr. Joe Knoll has been the superintendent of the Canfield School District. 

Knoll said, “I’ve been in the field of education for 33 years; I started out as a math teacher, coach– football, basketball, and track, in the city of Lorain.” 

He was drawn to Canfield by the reputation of academic excellence that Canfield carries, despite knowing the high expectations of his position to carry that reputation and responsibility. 

Knoll’s second draw to Canfield is all of the “opportunity for connection.”

“I’m big on making connections, and for you guys to connect to some… club, organization, sport… if kids are connected, we’re gonna have a good shot at getting you where we need you to be,” he said.  

In addition to continuing to foster Canfield’s programs for students, Mr. Knoll’s number one initiative for the district is to advance us technologically to a 1:1 ratio of technology to students. 

“Technology, to me, is that piece that connects us, brings us together,” he said. 

Cooperation between the administrators, teachers, parents, and students has been the essential link between the Superintendent’s office and keeping the students safe in regards to Covid-19. 

“As a superintendent, I can put all of these great things in place, but if parents don’t help us, it’s not gonna matter… The number one thing that’s keeping us going is parents are listening and doing what I’m asking them to do,” he said. 

When asked if there was anything he wanted the student body to know, Knoll lit up while divulging into his passion for military service, and social-emotional learning, especially regarding mental health. 

In his free time, Mr. Knoll enjoys playing golf for the camaraderie, fishing, and spending time with his wife and son. 

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