Sophomore Sebastian passionate about her uncommon pet


Holly Eberly and Elizabeth Kennedy

Some people find joy in their jobs, their friends and family, their hobbies, and their faith but for Canfield sophomore Autumn Sebastian, joy can be found in spending time with her unusual pet. 

Sebastian’s reptile, Drogo, is a two-year-old bearded dragon. When describing the physical features of her pet, Sebastian said, “It’s about a foot and a half. He’s not very heavy, he’s probably like a pound or two. They can grow up to two feet, so he probably won’t get any bigger. He’s a yellowish color but they come in different colors. You can get tan, yellow, red green orange.”

Bearded dragons are very energetic animals, with Drogo being no exception.

“He is pretty active and he likes to run around a lot. He is not nocturnal, he is more active during the day,” added Sebastian. “He runs very fast and he likes to swim in a little bowl.”

Being a lively lizard, Drogo is often hungry.

“We give him crickets, little fruit bites and kale,” Sebastian included. “His favorite are crickets.”

When explaining the work that goes into her bearded dragon, Sebastion said, “We put newspaper down that we have to clean up every week.” She went on to describe the cage as an enormous glass case the size of a table. “He has a lot of sticks in there that he climbs on and they like it a little warmer than room temperature, so we keep a heater on and lots of lights,” Sebastion added. She concludes by saying, “He isn’t really hard to take care of, it’s just a lot of work.”

Although she said, “We take him out every couple of days, but he really just stays in one room. We don’t let him go around the house much,” Sebastian enjoys taking Drogo out to let him roam. Sometimes, he is even brought outdoors where he is allowed to run around freely without a leash.

Similar to most pets, Drogo has his disadvantages. “The crickets make a lot of noise, and he also scratches, and you have to make sure he doesn’t bite you when he gets mad. They bite really hard, but none of us have gotten bit yet.”

Considering Drogo’s strong bite, Sebastian included, “When he gets upset or stressed out, underneath becomes dark and he swells up, and he gets colder.” 

It is best to stay clear of her reptile when he obtains these characteristics.

Ultimately, Drogo is worth the work. Sebastion loves spending time with him and getting to know his character.

“His personality is kind of weird. He is kind of funny in a way, but he’s pretty nice,” she said.

Other than watching his active side come to life, she likes holding Drogo or letting him rest on her shoulder or chest.

Sebastion wraps up her passion for her bearded dragon by saying, “I like how he is funny and energetic in a way, and I just think he is a cool pet to have.”