Ethan explores cold-weather fashion trends

Ethan Schenker, Senior Contributor

As the winter season is quickly approaching, that also means that the clothing of many Canfield High School students will change, as well. The sun is out, the snow is in and colder weather only means one thing: harder outfits.

Everyone has begun to bundle up greatly and layering their clothes. T-shirts and shorts are now out and flannels, sweaters, and long sleeves are in, as well as jeans, heavy pants and most definitely coats. 

Some students love the weather change because they can switch up their style and look while some other students don’t care much at all. At Canfield High School, many students – both guys and girls -love to dress nice to school and take pride in their sense of fashion and style. The winter season really brings out the whole student body’s style.

Many guys are into wearing flannels over a t-shirt or hoodie or just by themselves. Most guys are also into sweaters for the top piece of their outfit with jeans, ripped or not, and slacks to complement the look at the bottom.

Guys are also big into boots, as well. Uggs and Timberland are the heavy hitting brands when it comes to popularity, but lesser known brands can bring a sense of exclusivity to an outfit, as well. 

Girls at Canfield High School like wearing multiple layers more than guys. Girls will wear sweaters and long sleeves as well as turtlenecks and like to accessorize their outfits with either expensive, high-end belts and fancy looking boots and shoes. Girls will tend to complete their winter look with jewelry, rings and earrings.

Senior Jake Kowal said, “I enjoy dressing nice for the winter. Multiple layers to keep warm is a necessity, with boots to match everything I own is nice, too. Flannels and hoodies are a go-to for me in the winter.” 

In conclusion, the weather makes dressing for CHS students more of a hobby instead of a task, as all grade levels both guys and girls enjoy preparing for the winter season with their clothing choices. The winter style here at Canfield is top notch and is very impressive compared to most other schools.

If there is one thing Canfield students know how to do well, it’s dressing well for the winter.