Mr. Shields shines as CHS assistant principal

Ethan Schenker, Senior Contributor

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Coming into high school we had Mr. Mulane as the assistant principal and Mr. Ross as the Dean of Students, now as I am an upperclassman we have Mr. Shields as the assistant principal and Mr. Cochran as the athletic director. With these new faces comes change. Through conversation with Mr. Shields, questions were brought up about why he would come to a district so far away from home known as Canfield. 

“I have been watching Canfield the past few years,” Mr. Shields said. 

I asked him if it was because of the football team’s success, but I was surprised with his answer. 

He said, “Actually the softball team peaked my interest.” 

Shields was coaching softball for Conneaut and they played Canfield and got mercied. With that loss he questioned what Canfield was all about, as well as the academic success which sparked Mr. Shields Interest in becoming a part of Canfield. With that being said, there was an open position at Canfield, and with multiple interviews he ended up getting the position. 

This decision to come to Canfield was a great choice by Mr.Shields, but with moving to a new district and working for a new school comes with some difference. 

Mr. Shields discussed the transition from Conneaut Schools to Canfield Schools by saying, “How respectful students at Canfield we’re immediately.” As well as “I witnessed numerous students shaking hands, making eye contact, and addressing adults like I have not seen before”. 

Part of the transition was moving here, as well. Mr. Shields talked about investing a lot of time into his new role and how this transition was very positive in the fact that the student body “Just seemed happier” in general, mentioned smiling faces in the hallway and what it meant to be a part of something special. 

With Mr. Shields being a part of Canfield for over a year now, he has seen the student body, the athletic programs, and the academic side of things. With a great class of graduating seniors, there still is one question mark, and that is “What do you see Canfield being moving forward?” 

Mr. Shields made it clear that Canfield was his home, saying, “I think we have the right people in place to do what it takes for Canfield to have continued success, we have a great staff, amazing students, and supportive families and I believe that is apart of the recipe for a community of learners.” 

Communication with parents and students is a big thing in keeping everything in place, as well as conversation with staff members to help resolve problems.

In conclusion, Mr. Shields left me with this: “Ethan, I will tell you the same thing I told the members of the board of education, I plan on the twenty year plan.” With that being said, I strongly believe that Canfield Local Schools will be very successful in the years to come.