Nurse Reynolds does it all

Anna Dudash, Senior Contributor

In the medical field, there are many types of doctors, specialists, and nurses, but no one ever takes into consideration the patience and effort that goes into becoming a school nurse.

In an interview with Canfield High School/Canfield Middle School nurse Mrs. Regina Reynolds, she answered some questions about herself and what it is like to work as a school nurse.

Reynolds studied at Villa Maria College in Erie, Pennsylvania in 1974; she majored in nursing. She received one of the earliest VSNs in nursing because it was one of the first colleges that had it. Since then, she has been working in the Canfield school district for 30 years. 

Within those 30 years, Reynolds said that the most common illnesses in students is asthma. In the 2019-2020 school year, she said that the most common illness she’s seen this year would be the students who have diabetes in which she helps treat them day to day.

Most students come out of her office with saltine crackers, and when asked if the crackers cure everything, she replied with: “I think crackers do solve a little bit of everything, but the truth is that students have stomach aches because they didn’t eat and the crackers absorb the hydrochloric acid in their stomach to make them feel better. Not only that, but they taste terrible at home but they’re great in my office for some reason; they have a whole new taste at school.” 

Reynolds said that balancing out being the nurse at both the middle school and high school is very hard. “It’s like everyday coming to work and going home and never being done.” she said. 

In regard to today’s generation of students, Reynolds was asked what her thoughts were on students vaping. She said that until your brain is fully developed, you shouldn’t be smoking, drinking, or any of that. That is why the legal age limit is 21, because the age limit got moved down to 18 during the Vietnam War when people were saying “If we’re old enough to fight, we should be old enough to vote.”

She also added that “It is not healthy, period.” She concluded her statement by saying that if you are to do it, you better by name brands and not off-the-market brands because the unchecked ones are the ones that are being found to kill people. 

Mrs. Regina Reynolds is a do-it-all kind of person. She not only helps kids who are sick, but she’s also a great person just to sit down and chat with. In her free time, she has a cooking show on Monday mornings with her husband, Glen Reynolds on WFMJ. She is a pleasure to students, staff, parents, and the entire community.