An exclusive look into the top-secret plans for this year’s haunted house

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One of many admired traditions at Canfield High School is the haunted house for Halloween. The design of the haunted house is elaborate, scary and disorienting.

The haunted house has been a Halloween tradition that students look forward to each year. Mr.Graff and his prop and design class are responsible for the creation and assembly of the haunted house. Well, technically Mr.Graff is responsible for the creation and the students are responsible for the assembly.

In an interview with Mr.Graff, he revealed absolutely nothing about the upcoming Haunted house. It’s a secret.

Instead, he told us a little about the process and experiences from previous years.

The plans for the haunted house are unknown to the students, even the kids making the haunted house aren’t completely sure what the plan is. Mr.Graff is the only one who knows what the haunted house will look like or even what the theme is. He explained that if no one knows what the theme is or what to expect it would amplify the fear factor.

Graff explained a little about the process: “We start the process as soon as school starts. In September we focus on building the props, then in October we focus on putting it all together.”

The haunted house is a long process that takes a lot of attention to detail, but the end result is worth it.

Graff said that in past years he has seen every type of reaction from running out screaming to no reaction at all. His stories about the haunted house are really funny. 

For instance, there was one year where a teachers daughter acted as a doll. She would lay in a coffin and scare unsuspecting students. This scare in particular haunts some students to this day. Or another year when they hung a teacher from the ceiling among stuffed dolls. When a group of boys Walked by they thought it would be a good idea to start swinging the dolls. Not realizing it, they tried to swing the teacher, the boys quickly realized it was a person and freaked out.

Even though the haunted house’s main purpose is to scare it has been a fun tradition that every student and even teachers look forward to all year. “

We are all waiting for the haunted house to be revealed and open for business. Until then, we all impatiently waiting for our yearly scare!