In photos: How to draw a face

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Now before you begin, I want you to clear your mind of all the preconceived notions about drawing that you already very likely  have. Draw what you see. Do not think of it as drawing an “eye” or a “nose” or “lips”. Chances are you have already been taught a simplified and stereotypical method of how to draw these. While perhaps they do give a general idea of what those features typically may look like, these methods do not work, as every face is different. Instead, when you draw, think of it as a completely random combination of lines and shapes that all work together to form a picture.

Begin by loosely and lightly sketching the basic shape of the face out with a pencil. Remember: keep a light hand while doing this, as many of the lines will be erased.

Now begin to very loosely sketch in the facial features, continuing to keep a light hand. Keep your pencil strokes very fluid and loose, erasing as you go. Don’t move on to the next step until you are sure that all the features are properly placed on the face.

Now begin to tighten up the facial features by erasing any excess sketchy lines. You can also began to start shading by smudging the pencil lines in with your finger or using a blending stump.

Now begin to start intensifying the drawing with a charcoal pencil, deepening any dark points of the face.

Focusing on the eyes, begin to intensify them with the charcoal pencil by darkening the ring of the iris and the pupils.

Now blend everything out with a blending stump(these are good to use for fine details as the tip is very small) and little add some small lines with a pencil to define the iris.

Add more shading to the face. Large areas can usually be shaded either with either your fingers or a napkin, but the finer details should be shaded with a blending stump.

Moving on the the lips, begin to lightly define some of the lines and dark areas with a charcoal pencil.

Begin to blend this out with your finger and/or a blending stump.

Finish blending everything out and then go back in with a small eraser and add some highlights.

Further define the face with deep shading, and add more detail to the hair. Remember to first sketch in details with a regular pencil and then go over it with a charcoal pencil if it needs deepened.

Finish blending out the picture, and erase any areas that need highlighted.

Complete by adding details such as fine hairs across the face, eyelashes, details on clothing, and any small creases on the face.

Voila- You have drawn a face! You should go out now and have some ice cream to celebrate.