Brunch bite at Pressed worth the short trip to campus

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Brunch bite at Pressed worth the short trip to campus

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Pressed Coffee Bar and Eatery is marketed as one of the most trendy coffee shops in the Youngstown area. With locations in Poland and near YSU campus, this cafe is easily accessible to students and has a wide options of all day meals, pastries, and assorted drinks.

Caramel Macchiatos are staples among the coffeehouse industry, as well as personal favorites in our everyday espresso excursion. We decided to stick with this option when ordering due to its familiarity and the slight differences in preference we both have. The coffee was more appealing than other options in the area, but contained too much syrup that caused our sugar levels to skyrocket. The beginning of the experience was enjoyable, with a nice balance of milk to espresso. A multitude of milk options were provided – soy, almond, oatmeal – which satisfied our differing tastes. The overwhelming amount of syrup clouds the memory of the beverage however and we recommend sticking to other options such as Stone Fruit or Nova.  

Pressed is known primarily for its delicacy: waffles. While scrumptious, the waffles do not fit the bill in regards to “healthy.” We wanted to see if the more waistline friendly options were as satisfying as an iconic Penguin.

The West Coast, breakfast sandwich on a croissant delivered in bursts of flavor. The eggs established the “breakfast” factor, but the incorporation of avocado and tomato provided a California-eque flair, giving it a distinct flavor profile on the plate.

The new Pesto Toast delivered similar effects as the West Coast, but lacked the extra flavor and texture the avocado provided. The choice of bread did little to enhance the flavor and gave an almost gummy texture that did not work in its favor. Overall, it hit the points of a basic breakfast meal, but did not provide much else. If you’re looking for a basic, this would be your go to. If you’re looking for a bit more bold, original flavors, we recommend other options.

The atmosphere is particularly pleasing, with natural sunlight and a vintage vibe running throughout the entire repurposed house. It is perfect for those looking for pleasing aesthetic and a more relaxed outing. Being close to campus, the youth surrounding provide an energy that makes the experience more enjoyable and memorable.

Overall, Pressed is one of the best cafe options in the area and would please a wide range of consumers. We recommend sticking to the staples and to those who enjoy particularly sweet coffee.

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