Attention to technique key to sports success

Although the Canfield High School baseball program has changed over the past year, with its loss of coaches and players and gains of new coaches and players, certain skills will always be necessary for a baseball team to be successful.

According to senior baseball player Chance Merlin, “The most useful skill in baseball is probably hand-eye coordination. Just because no matter what you’re doing – throwing, fielding, catching, hitting – you have to use it, no matter what, to be good at the game.” 

Merlin elaborated on the skill by stating, “It’s been developed over the years by doing drills and competitions. You can do fielding picks or playing catch with yourself by throwing a ball at the wall. It just works through your mechanics you have practiced over the year.”  

Merlin willingly gave a demonstration of how hand-eye coordination could be used during baseball, featuring fellow senior baseball player, Noah Zoldan.


Shotput is one of many of Canfield High School’s Track and Field events that takes hard work and focus to be able to participate in.

Sophomore, Chris Sammarone stated, “The most useful skill in throwing Shot Put is basically your technique,” such as the rotation of your hips and where the Shot Put is on your neck is very important. This sport requires extreme concentration and correct form to efficiently throw. Sammarone stated, “You improve by throwing everyday constantly working on technique.” Chris has been throwing for three years and by being pushed by his friends and coaches to succeed he is able to be the athlete he is today. He also stated that working out almost everyday and being disciplined are two of the main factors that will also improve your skill.


As game season approaches, softball players prepare for their upcoming season this spring. There are many skills required to be a well-rounded player, but their are a few that are exceptionally useful in the time leading up to the game.

Mallory Vaclav, a senior softball player of Canfield High School explained, “The most useful technique in softball would be having really good footwork, because you need to be able to move quickly depending on your position”. In addition to this she continued by saying,” If you play the corners you need to be on your feet at all times and get ready for really fast hops and be able to dive”.

Following these few basic questions, Vaclav also demonstrated some of the key moves she uses to work on her footwork.


In Canfield High School, we have a variety of sports offered, which allows students to have many options on which ones they want to play. Lacrosse, however is a very recent sport to the district, and is now available to all grades k-12 and to boys and girls. The thing that makes Lacrosse so different from other sports, it is often referred to as a mix of all sports because you must learn the game skills, throwing and catching, dodging and many more technical skills needed for similar sports such as basketball and baseball.  

We decided to ask Junior Lacrosse player Tara Santoro what she believes is the most important skill to have in lacrosse. At first she couldn’t decide which was most important because in lacrosse every skill is needed in order to score, but she eventually realized that it “would definitely be cradiling because you need it throughout every part of the field and it’s just a great skill to have.” Most people that do not understand the game of lacrosse would be confused on what she means by “cradling” so Santoro explained “It’s when you have the ball in your stick and your just basically like settling it and it keeps the ball from falling out.”

A fellow lacrosse player, Layali Kusuni demonstrated the cradling technique in the following video.

Cradling may look easy, but while you are shooting and running it can be very difficult!


By the end of last year’s boys tennis season, the team lost their number one, two, four, and six players.  The team of 2019 has some big shoes to fill. Particular skill sets of the game need to be enhanced in order to achieve greatness in the upcoming season.

As claimed by Noah Zoldan, one of the seniors on the boys tennis team, “The most important thing in tennis is probably your technique because the better technique you have the more points you’ll win and the more games and matches you will win then. So if you don’t have good technique you will miss the ball a lot and you won’t be able to get the ball in the court and make the other person play it.”

Expanding on the technique necessary for a good player, Zoldan affirmed, “I developed my technique by practicing for most of my life, with good coaching. It took me about a year to get a feel for the technique, but I’ve been playing for 12 years.  Practice makes perfect so the harder you work doing the right technique, the faster and easier it will come to you.”

Noah’s serve displayed the significance of technique in a tennis match.