Treat Yo Self: Yoganna feel better

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Treat Yo Self: Yoganna feel better

Riley Wilkins

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When you think about yoga, the first couple images that come to mind are probably people folded, twisted in ways that makes your body ache.

There are many different types of yoga such as Anusar, Ashtanga, Bikram, Hatha, Hot Yoga, Iyengar, Restorative, and Vinyasa. Yoga is used to create awareness, find peace, and achieve good health. But it could also be used as a therapy or coping mechanism.

When I was a little girl, I would commonly have night terrors that prevented me from sleeping several nights a week. As I grew older, it didn’t just affect me at night. Anxiety began taking control when I was about 7 years old. I had a difficult time leaving home in the morning before school. I had a hard time making friends and going to sleep at night. For months, my mom would have to wait in my room until I was finally asleep. My parents would try to talk to me about the things that scared or stressed me out, but I did not have a valid explanation.

Over time, my anxiety snowballed into bigger problems and would prevent me from doing normal teenage activities. I tried seeing a therapist, painting, cleaning, drawing, and many other coping techniques.

About a year ago, my mom suggested we go to a yoga class. She told me it was a good workout and that if I did not like it, I wouldn’t have to go again.

Being a volleyball player, I deal with tight and sore muscles. I have also never been flexible, so I was very intimidated walking into my first class. The floor was made of wooden boards and it was heated to about 88 degrees. It was dark and smelled of lavender. The instructor spoke slowly, softly, and walked the class through an intense but exhilarating workout.

It ended up changing my life. It was more than just a hot, sweaty, series of stretches. It was a time for me to let go. To take all my stress and push it out of my body. I felt strong, beautiful, and refreshed. My body felt connected with my head and I felt calm.

When I had a big test coming up or there was a lot of drama going on, I would go to yoga and allow myself to relax. I felt better knowing I was getting a work out in and that I was in power of the way I felt. After yoga, I feel proud of myself and start to love the confidence I gain from it.

This is how I self care.

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