Treat Yo Self: Simmer down your stress with cooking

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Treat Yo Self: Simmer down your stress with cooking

Jillian Mt. Castle

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In a fast-paced society, people often lose the time for themselves. Many believe they do not have time to just relax as they continue to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life.

But having time to yourself is extremely important for your personal wellness. Yet, not everyone relaxes the same ways. Some people watch TV or draw; you just need to find what is best for you.

For me, it is cooking, a form of creative relaxation. I turn on some music and pull out some ingredients and I let my mind wander. Cooking takes my mind away from my stresses and activates a different part of my brain I do not always use.

Everyday in school, I use the practical and problem solving part of my brain. But cooking brings out the creative side in me that helps me practice self-care. Using this part of my brain relaxes me from all of the government terms, math problems, and chemical compounds I have to remember. When I cook, all I have to remember is which ingredients complement each other and then go for it.

So I find flavors in my fridge that can be paired together, not really knowing where the ingredients will take me. I might start with an Asian flavor profile and end up cooking an Italian dish!

For that reason, cooking is my form of self-care. There is no plan that needs to be made, you let the ingredients and time shape the dish. It is a low stress form of creation, which is quite beautiful and peaceful to me.

Conversely, I like the element of surprise and challenge cooking brings. In practicing self-care, I need challenges other than school to help me better myself. Since my mom never goes to the grocery store, we never have a ton of food. So, I honestly like the challenge of creating something magnificent for my family, from little ingredients.

According to the Oxford dictionary, self care means, “The practice of taking action to preserve or improve one’s own health.” Self-care is different for everyone; for me it is cooking. Finding that “thing” that makes you happy can be difficult. But just know that it is there and you will find it. A little chunk of each day should be used for “you” time. Time to better yourself, so that you can better the lives of others.

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