Are AirPods worth the buy?

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Are AirPods worth the buy?

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Apple’s new product, Airpods, are one of the biggest trends today.

They’re small, wireless, and Bluetooth-enabled, but are worth the $159 price tag.

Junior Abbi Havrilla, Airpod owner, believes they aren’t worth the price. She said, “They should cost less because they are just little devices and not anything big, like an iPhone. The reason they cost so much is because it is Apple and they know a lot of people will want to buy them. I do like them, though.”

Junior Khushi Patel who doesn’t have AirPods agrees with Havrilla, saying, They are a waste of money and all headphones do the same thing.”

Patel continued, “I honestly don’t know why there is so much hype around them, probably because someone cool bought them and now everyone wants them.”

Senior Max Dawson owns a pair of Beats headphones.

When asked if he would ever consider buying AirPods, Dawson said, “I mean if I could flex on people, for sure, but if no one would ever see me with them on there would be no point.”

Dawson also listed the cons of his and other commonly used headphones.

“You have to charge them, I always forget to charge them and I don’t even know where my charger is half the time. When they die I get really annoyed, which is often. They’re also bluetooth, so it uses up more battery life on your phone, not to mention the wires being a hassle,” Dawson said. 

When asked if he liked his AirPods, Michael Moldovan, principal at Canfield High School, said, “No I don’t like them, I love them, they are fantastic!”

Moldovan was gifted his AirPods for Christmas by his daughter.

Overall, many people at Canfield High School who already own Airpods agree, they are worth the buy. If they don’t already own Airpods, most agree that their headphones are good enough and would only buy AirPods because it’s the new trend.

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