Pulp is the latest and greatest juice and smoothie bar in Boardman

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2018 has been a year of health and wellness and you see businesses opening up left and right. Pulp Juice and Smoothie Bar opened a location in Boardman Ohio on October 12, 2017.

Pulp is known for their 30 plus smoothie recipes and healthy juices. Their smoothies are divided into categories which are classic smoothies, tropical smoothies, citrus smoothies, soy smoothies, high energy smoothies, super smoothies, and veggie ‘n’ greens smoothies. Every smoothie comes with a free optional enhancer such as energy, smart blend, fat burner, fiber blend, whey protein and more.

Pulp also has more to the menu than just smoothies and juices, they have energy bowls, wraps and salads that are made fresh to order. They have an acai bowl, a PB and G bowl, along with juices such as orange, apple, carrot, and wheatgrass. They have many wraps such as a garden salad, chicken caesar wrap, spicy turkey wrap, and a veggie wrap.

They claim that they are “the perfect place for breakfast, lunch or dinner – whether you’re looking for a quick, delicious treat or a filling meal.”

Senior at Canfield High School Brooke Crissman has worked at Pulp since the beginning of last June. Her favorite smoothie on the menu is the Matcha Match with peanut butter added in, and her favorite food on the menu is the PB and G wrap.

Based on all the smoothies on the menu, Brooke believes that the most popular smoothie is the Protein Packer which includes soy milk, peanut butter, chocolate, bananas with whey and soy protein.

Crissman said, “The owners put a lot of extra effort into providing the customers with the most quality smoothies and food. They actually cut no corners ever which makes it harder for the workers but it produces a more quality experience for the customers.”

The Boardman Pulp location owners Tyler Landis and Franquie Yazbek decided to open a Boardman location because they “found there wasn’t a lot of competition around us – that combined with our reasonable price point and Boardman’s need for fast and easy dining was also a big factor. Being able to place our store in a newer looking and accessible plaza was also a big plus. We tried as best as we could to stay away from any spots or plazas that were eye-sores; we lucked out with this wonderful and convenient location.”

They continued, “Having opened last October, we knew we’d be in for a rough start having just opened in a colder season, but we trust our product so much that we knew once spring and summer rolled around, that we’d take-off and see the benefits immediately. All in all, our first year exceeded our expectations.”

Finally, in the future, “We’re looking to expand and open a second store locally in the next year or so. It’s all going to be about what makes the most sense for us as owners — mostly making sure our current store is in good hands when we decide to devote a lot of time and energy into opening a new location. We’ll still be at both locations regularly when that times comes, but obviously with a new store comes new experiences, problems, and so forth. The franchise itself now has 30 locations and there are no signs of stopping. New products are always in the works, which is a good way of keeping customers coming back and trying new things.”

Pulp is located at 1449 Boardman-Canfield Rd. in Boardman. 

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