How does Canfield High School’s staff prepare for homecoming?

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How does Canfield High School’s staff prepare for homecoming?

Makayla Jageman

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In high school, one priority most have is thinking about how hard they need to work to achieve good grades. Stress can be a big factor and may take the fun out of school itself. But sometimes upcoming school events like homecoming gives many opportunities to have fun and unwind. Making a homecoming happen at Canfield High School is a very involved job, which takes months of preparation. There are many groups of people that help get this magical night together, but the staff plays a major role in how the dance is set up.

Mrs. English is one of the advisers for homecoming  at Canfield High School.

English said, “Homecoming is a monster to get ready for! It takes months to prepare for. Everything that needs to happen to get ready for the dance, and whatever happens at the dance is a part of my responsibility. We had several student council meetings and had meetings with the principals to confirm our ideas about the dance.”

For the homecoming game against Boardman, there was a big change in how the school was going to announce homecoming court.

English said, “We changed the procedure for crowning of the queen so it was prior to the game.”

This is the first time that Canfield has made their crowning at the beginning of the game.

English continued, “We also met with the band director Mr. Kelly because we changed the procedure for crowning of the queen. We had to have the coin toss moved and figure out logistically how that would look with the band on the field.”

When planning a big event, a lot of ideas from other people can get to be too much at one time. Being organized and to have everything planned out.

English said, “The kids helping to make and set up homecoming, are all able to say their ideas on google drive. Miss Pozzuto and I have shared a Google drive with Student Council so we can all shares our ideas.”

Since there are a lot of students that show up, the school asked some teachers to come and help chaperone for the dance.

English said, “There was a list of us on an email that volunteered to come to the dance. It was Miss. Pozzuto, myself, Mr. LaCivita, Mrs. Alexandrides, Mr. Madison, Mrs. Minenok, Mr. Shields, and Mr. Moldovon.” The teachers enjoy seeing students dress up and look nice for the event.

English ended by saying, “I love Homecoming. I think it is nice that it is at the school and we have more control of what goes on during the dance. It is the first dance for Freshman and first to last Homecoming for Seniors. We had the biggest turn out at Homecoming because of those reasons.”

English encouraged people to go to the dance with friends and have a great time because of the good experiences she had from Homecoming when she was in school.

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