The time I… met the love of my life

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The time I… met the love of my life

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Two well-liked teachers at Canfield high school have revealed the stories of how they met their wives. Mr. Pennington has been teaching advanced math at Canfield for many years, while Mr. Jennings has been teaching honors English and journalism at Canfield for seven years. Beyond their careers, they have managed to find love and live full lives.

Mr. Pennington and his wife originally met at a local hardware store when he was 18, and she was 22 years old.

Initially, dating was hard for him. For example, he dated this older women who ended up being married which he had no idea about. There was even a time when he had 3 separate dates in one day! However, Pennington still managed to believe in love as he dated his wife for 8 years. This was an on again, off again relationship.

Mr. Pennington described it as one of his favorite shows stating, “We were like the couple on this popular TV show at the time. It was called Cheers.”

They bickered a lot, but as time passed they grew to love everything about each other, which is a main reason why they have been married for 46 years.

“It really feels like I’m on my third life.”

The reason he believes this is because he feels that over time his views on life have shifted completely. When he was young he was free spirited. Although he still is, he manages to put all of his time and effort into his students and his family.

“As I’ve gotten older I’ve realized that those earlier memories are just so different then who you are now. You change so much.” Mr. Pennington couldn’t be more happy that he had the chance to spend all those years worth of memories with the love of his life.

Mr. Jennings and his wife originally met at an adult spelling bee fundraiser, where he was 28 and she was 30. They faced each other in the semi-finals, where the results were Jennings taking first place. However, their relationship did not start there. Six months later they ran into each other at a local bar’s trivia night. After a fun evening, Jennings knew he wanted to see her again.

“She was selling tickets to the pancake breakfast and I kinda liked her so I bought tickets for me and my friends to go. I asked her for her number that day.”

Things went smoothly from then on, and looking back Jennings loves how nerdy activities are what brought them together. He believes that they became stronger as their relationship developed in “the natural way”.   

“A lot of things had to happen for us to come together. We both learned a lot in the years before that so if we would’ve met earlier, it probably wouldn’t have gone the direction it did.”

Both Pennington and Jennings had very different relationships. They view time as an aspect that shaped them, however in two different ways.

Mr. Pennington viewed meeting early as a good thing because although he changed throughout life, his relationship with his wife only grew stronger, which means she was the true love for him. Mr. Jennings viewed meeting later in life as a great thing because had they met earlier, his wife would’ve been engaged to another man.

So by the time they crossed paths they knew where they were at in life and what they wanted, which was a committed relationship.

Looking back it was interesting that they happened to always be in the same place, whether it be at a speech and debate tournament or at YSU. It shows that they always have had similar interests, which meant she was the true love for him.

Everyone’s goal is to find love in life, and it’s very special Mr. Pennington and Mr. Jennings did just that.

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