Chloe’s jams of the month

Chloe Deak, Junior Contributor

For the most part, I pride myself in my music taste. I’ve grown up around music ever since I was young, so i feel like in a way it’s some kind of destiny for me to have an impeccable music taste. So, I have great news for the person reading this right now, I’m about to share my favorite five songs from this last month.

I would describe my music taste as probably more experimental and underground than any other genre, which I get is not everyone’s thing, so in this piece I will try to accommodate everyone’s taste, though still within things I enjoy. For example, I despise country music, so I can guarantee there will be no country music on this list. So here’s my jams from the past month… 

“Where do we go” – Solange

Solange Knowles is most notoriously known as Beyonce’s younger sister, what most people don’t know is that she makes music, as well, which I believe is better than Beyonce’s. Where do we go is so far one of my favorite songs of hers. It opens up with this Kanye West Late Registration era beat that instantly reels you in, shortly after, this intoxicating R&B bass line comes in and just sends you to a different dimension. Immediately after hearing this bass line, I whipped out my bass and tried learning it because it’s just that powerful. It’s hard not to comment on her angelic vocals and lyrics, which match perfectly on what she’s trying to convey, a sense of yearning. 

“Anchor Song” – Bjork 

Bjork is by far one of my all time favorite artists to walk this earth. Something about her intimacy and heart wrenching melodies really gets to me. “Anchor Song” is one of her rawest songs on her discography, which I believe is really special and fascinating. This song is accompanied by a saxophone trio, which consists of alto, tenor and baritone saxophone. Being a saxophone player myself especially reeled me into this song. Though there’s another reason this song initially caught my attention: while listening to it, you feel like you’re floating blankly on the ocean floor while a swarm of saxophones serenade you.


“November” – Tyler the Creator

“November” is off of Tyler’s most renowned album, Flower Boy. Flower Boy was absolutely a change for Tyler’s discography, the rest of his music before this album was immature and insecure. This album took many people by surprise, as we see Tyler turn over a new leaf. He is no longer insecure about his sexuality and expression and that is clearly heard throughout this album. “November” is 100% one of the best songs in his whole discography, the yearning for the past haunts the whole song as well as his insecurity for the future and his music after making this big leap. What I really like about this song is the more it progresses, the crazier and more anxious Tyler gets.

“Sea, Swallow Me” – Cocteau Twins

One thing I’m really fond of when it comes to listening to music is if the song is able to transport me to a different dimension.  That’s exactly what this song does; it truly does feel like a sea is swallowing you. A whirl of vocals and encapsulating instrumentals seem to fill your brain until you can’t fully think straight. 


“Thy Mission” – The Garden featuring Mac Demarco 

Both The Garden and Mac Demarco filled up the majority of my playlists my freshman year, and now that recently they came out with a song together, there was no doubt in my mind that it would become one of my all time favorites. Both of these artists have a kind of quirky, eccentric persona that goes together so well. Mixing The Garden’s experimental punk with Mac Demarco’s slacker rock creates a sound that I really haven’t found anywhere else. 


So that concludes my reviews of a couple jams I’ve been listening to recently. I hope whoever you are reading this decides to check them out and enjoy them just as much as I do.