The story of Taylor Swift


Elizabeth Kennedy, Sophomore Contributor

Taylor Alison Swift, an american singer-songwriter was born on December 13, 1989, in Reading, Pennsylvania.  Ever since she was just a child, she has always had a passion for singing, and playing the guitar. Later, she moved to Nashville, Tennessee where her dreams would soon become alive.

Global superstar Taylor Swift is well known for her amazing music, her metaphorical lyrics, her breathtaking speeches, and her magical concerts.  With her 23 awards and 53 nominations, Swift is the 11th most awarded female artist in Grammy history with ten Grammy wins.

While personally loving all of Taylor’s albums and songs, each album has its own unique quality which distinctively makes each album different.


Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift, her first debut album.  This self-titled studio album was written by Taylor Swift when she was just 16 years of age.  While being released October 24, 2006, she wrote it’s songs as a freshman in high school.

With Swift’s first hit single, “Tim McGraw,” she reached number ten on “Billboard’s Hot Country Songs.”  A total of five singles were released from this album, all of which have been certified platinum or multi-platinum.  “Teardrops on My Guitar” was the second hit single. Though we thought “Tim McGraw” was a hit, Swift surpassed every song on the chart to make this one number one.  

With her other singles on this album including, “Our Song,” “Picture to Burn,” and “Should’ve Said No,” Swift respectively reached the highest position on country charts in the United States, and was soon opening up shows for other well known country artists.

In my opinion, Taylor Swift is a great album for anyone looking for fun country music.  I admire how this album goes into depth by telling the stories of Taylor’s young teenage years, and how she too was just trying to find “A Place In This World.”  This album focuses on young love, while also describing how you are never alone.

“Sometimes love is forever.”



Fearless, her second studio album, was written to ensure the fearlessness of her fans and anyone who listens to her masterpiece.  This album contains thirteen songs, non ironically matching her lucky number, thirteen. Swift released her country bops on November 11, 2008.

This country album incorporates acoustic instruments such as the guitar, fiddle, and even the banjo.  In this album, Swift lyrically elaborates on her perception of romantic, friend, and parent relationships. 

 Love Story became the lead hit single on this album, incorporating a pleasant and romantic twist on William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.  This shortly became one of the best-selling singles of all time.  

This album was the album that sparked my love for Taylor Swift.  Receiving this album for Christmas eleven years ago, I never stopped listening to what I would call a masterpiece.  Fearless inspired me to further my dedication of being a superfan of Swift.

“We always want what we can’t reach.”


Speak Now

Speak Now, her third album.  Taylor Swift is primarily proud of this album, mainly because she wrote it 100% herself.  With this album being released October 25, 2010, Swift sold over one million copies within the first week.  This became the fifth largest debut in history for a female musical artist.  

Swift, was only 20 years of age when the album was released.  Speak Now was later included in “Rolling Stone’s” list called “50 Best Female Albums of All Time,” ranking number 45.  Swift became the youngest artist to be included on the list.

“Long Live” is one of Taylor’s biggest hits on the album.  This song is described as a song written to her fans, and it “will always be about the fans,” Swift said while years later performing the song at the piano during the reputation Stadium Tour. 

From my perspective, Speak Now is my all time favorite Taylor Swift album.  This is because this is a 100% solo album. She made the decision to go solo because many critics said she would be unable to achieve this at 20 years old.  But she achieved this and was highly praised for it.    

“You always regret what you don’t say.”



Red, her fourth album, was written because she felt like she needed an era of maturity.  This album was released on October 22, 2012. Swift brings to the media’s attention, “You go track-by-track, and this one’s about extreme sadness, and this one’s about extreme frustration, and this one’s about hope! [laughs] And this one’s about, you know, seeing someone and falling in love for the first time.”

Taylor’s title track, “Red,” was written because of the colors associated with love.  Swift mentions the colors blue, dark grey, and of course, red. Swift describes how red can be categorized in a good or bad feeling, such as love or anger.  Swift’s emotions to the color red sparked an era to remember.

 In its first week of being released, Swift hit a huge milestone with over 1.2 million copies sold within the first week.  This gave Swift her third consecutive album to reach number one on the charts. Currently, there have been 4.4 million copies sold in the United States, and six million copies sold worldwide.  Though Red being one of Taylor’s best albums lyrically, it however did not win a Grammy.

I believe Red is Swift’s best album lyrically.  With powerful songs such as “All Too Well” and “State Of Grace,” Swift has truly impressed me, and emotionally connected to many fans such as myself.  This album displays great fall vibes and is perfect to listen to as the leaves are falling.

“I don’t know if you know who you are, until you lose who you are.”



1989, her fifth, and first pop studio album was released on October 27, 2014.  This is Swift’s first full pop album. After Red coming short of a Grammy, Swift knew something needed to change.  This 1980’s inspired synth-pop album quickly became a huge hit from the fans, and the media.

Swift’s breakup inspired many songs on this album.  With this new, upbeat album, many fans got a taste of Taylor’s self-discovery.  While Red was mainly an album for feelings and emotions, 1989 is a generally positive piece.  

Then, something unexpected yet unsurprising happened.  Taylor became the first artist to sell three million copies in the first week.  “It won Album of the Year and Best Pop Vocal Album at the 58th Grammy Awards, making Swift the first female solo artist to win the former category twice.”

The 1989 World Tour was the first show I had attended performed by Taylor on June 6, 2015.  And I must say, I definitely was not disappointed. Taylor is well known for her amazing performances, and you would not believe what you are seeing.  This tour was one of the best nights of my life.

“She lost him but she found herself and somehow that was everything.”



After a three year break from the media and writing music, Swift wrote her sixth studio album, reputation.  This album’s release date was November 10, 2017.  With this dark city, snake themed album, it received very positive feedback from the media.  

After taking a significant break from the media and music industry, we knew something big would be coming.  And something huge came. Swift sold 4.5 million copies of this album globally within the first week. Later that next year, Swift put on a greatly memorable tour called The reputation Stadium Tour.

After being on tour, Swift was nominated for multiple awards including best pop vocal album, album of the year, and international album of the year.  This became Swift’s most attended tour and her highest grossing tour, ever.

reputation is an era that teaches people not to let your reputation ruin your current.  This era is personally my favorite because of it’s message. After attending two shows of The reputation Stadium Tour on July 17, 2018 and August 7, 2018, I was absolutely amazed by the hard work put into this tour.  This tour set many attendance records, and a record for one of the biggest stages ever built. This tour contained three different stages per show.  

“And in the death of her reputation, she felt truly alive.”



Lover, her seventh and current album.  “This album is basically a love letter to love itself,” Swift mentioned.  The release of this album was August 23, 2019. This album is very soft, romantic, and uplifting with its pastel colors and synth, electropop beats.

Lover, Swift’s first title track in seven years, is said by Taylor herself that this is the song she is most proud of.  While writing this song herself, she had her lover in mind, Joe Alwyn. This title track is said to sound like a wedding song, as do many of the other tracks on this album.

This album was written to promote the love of everyone, and to promote equality.  Swift is a strong believer in equality and “you love who you love,” or “love is love.”  With her single, “You Need To Calm Down,” she was finally able to speak out to what she truly believes in.  

This album’s original name was “Daylight,” because of Swift’s previous dark, snake themed album, reputation.  But as soon as Taylor wrote the new title track “Lover,” she knew this would be the new title of her album.

Lover is by far the Swift’s most aesthetically pleasing album.  I love this album because of its romantic qualities. This album is definitely one of my all time favorites, so much so I actually memorized all 18 songs within ten days.  Taylor’s title track “Lover” is definitely going to be my wedding song.

“You gotta step into the daylight and let it go.”