Mario Kart Mobile: Crash or Pass?

Anna Dudash, Senior Contributor

On September 25, the moment that all gamers have been waiting for finally arrived: Mario Kart came to IOS app stores all around the world!

This was a  jaw-dropping decision on Nintendo’s part, considering that the only platforms before this that had Mario Kart were Nintendo brand gaming systems, such as the Nintendo Switch, Wii, and the GameCube. The free app gives millions of new users the experience to play against others, win challenges and practice racing, all in the convenience of a hand-held phone. 

The game has a lot of the old features, such as courses and prize blocks, but one major difference that users are noticing is the lack in the original Mario Kart Characters. You have Mario, Baby Mario, and Metal Mario, but there is no Luigi, Waluigi, or Wario. However, most of the original characters remain: Princess Peach, Bowser, Yoshi, Toad, and so on. 

Mario Kart Tour Mobile has also introduced a lot of new features also, such as Battle Tiers, Cups and new characters and karts. As of today, the Mario Musician Cup is in, which features a new Mario ( Musician Mario ), a Blue Bandwagon, and a Bullet Bill Parachute. This cup will last for one week. Within this cup, you have the chance to collect rubies and coins and win or buy these new items, or previous locked items. 

Since it’s release, Mario Kart Mobile has been an international hit – but the hype isn’t done yet. The game has yet to release multiplayer mode, in which players will be able to compete against friends in courses, but there’s a catch; it will cost $9.99. The game is currently free but has in app purchases, so as of now the game will remain free and users will pay the extra charge to unlock multiplayer mode. 

Overall, the game has 5 stars on the IOS app store, but will the high rating remain after the highly priced multiplayer mode is released? Or will users grow to love the game just as much with this new feature? It is unknown when these updates are taking place, but it is very likely that it will be sometime in the near future.