Is Zaful worth the risk?

Nicole Joseph, Senior Contributor

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Zaful and similarities have made a big appearance in the last year. These sites sell clothing items at a ridiculously cheap price. Getting a thick warm sweater for $9.99 seems too good to be true. Different factors play a part to give you such a low price. Some of these are, where they are made, price of materials, and shipping all have effects on your items.

Most of these factories are based in Taiwan/Asian regions. These facilities have less labor laws which allows them to sell the products at such a low price. Another possibility for an item being extremely cheap is that its either counterfeit, or fraudulent.   

There is a good possibility that you are buying directly from a manufacturer, which reduces the cost of selling to you. Costs for production in China are quite a bit lower than in other countries. Stores including Forever 21 and Charlotte Russe increase the price of products to make a profit.

Sellers from foreign country can also bypass import tax. These sellers will automatically mark any packages as a low value “gift”, which in return does not make them pay. They also use the free shipping method, which is why the items may take longer to receive. This lets them deliberately import something without paying the duty.

Now while some people are stoked to receive these at such a good bargain, shipping makes up fo this. According to Zaful’s website the shortest delivery time is around 6 days to 40 days as the max. The shipping options say 6-8 days without counting processing time, which can take anywhere from 1 day to a week. Zaful also only counts business days. leaving out weekends, adds to the time it takes to get to your door. Tracking numbers are put in place to make sure that the buyer can see where their items are.

In one Zaful review, “Youtuber” Patricia Bright noted a bathing suit listed on the Zaful clothing site for less than $14. The image used in the advertisement for the suit is identical to that listed in Free People, a high end clothing store, for over $155. In fact, this isn’t the first time that a review has noted that the images listed on the site and on the previous Zaful app are stolen from other sources and marketed to consumers who will later receive a poorly made imitations of those items.

First time shopper Marina Jones was thrilled to see that her purchase six items were $54.07 after discounts. Which comes down to $9.01 per item. Her purchase was here in only six days. Upon inspecting the quality of her package she found soft sweaters, two quality necklaces and comfortable pants. She has prepared to wear these as the weather gets colder. Looking back on her risky purchase she could have received terrible items, like a lot of wholesale horror stories go. Instead, she was extremely pleased with the outcome and can see herself making purchases in the near future.

Overall, it is completely up to you to buy items from these sites. most of the clothing may not be exactly the way they looked on the model, but the risk may be worth it. Stolen images to use as models for the clothes puts up large warning flags, and second guess the validity of the website. However,  conducting research and reading reviews can help you find the hidden gems throughout the website.

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