Look beneath the surface at New York Fashion Week 2018

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Look beneath the surface at New York Fashion Week 2018

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Teen vogue says, “ Fashion week can seem like like a mysterious, seemingly glamorous machine that churns out countless runway shows, copious amounts of street style photos, and lots of celebrities preening at the front rows.”

For everyone who can not go an experience Fashion week first hand. I am going to help you see beyond the runway videos, magazines, and social media’s view. You are going to get to look at the inspirations, behind the madness conjured up by some of the most prestigious designers ; Oliver rousteing creator of Balmain, Jeremy Scott creator of Moschino.

“The Balmain Army.”

The high-end brand Balmain, has stuck with the nickname “The Balmain Army” for almost a decade…until this year. When its head designer Oliver Rousteing, decided to change things up, and look ahead to the future. The show was set as the future.

Oliver explained how he wants to impress himself, and his audience. He is a strong believer that fashion is one of the most powerful pieces of art. You can express yourself , and show people who you are without saying anything. Many people do not know this but he was adopted at a young age, and before he was adopted he lived in an orphanage. He told his audience that the one thing that kept me so positive in the orphanage was the dream of a future with a happy family, and people to love and care for me. Eventually it happened, and with the fall 2018 show he made his dream come to life.

The first image is one of his most shocking looks from the runway. It features a holographic raffia-fringed dress, and a trendy clear thigh-high boot with a black pointed toe. He started of his runway with multiple holographic looks. His intention was make a very sutle entrance into the future, like time traveling. Each model giving a more in depth look to the future of fashion.

Oliver Rousteing is one of the youngest fashion influencers the industry, now we can take a look at someone who has been in the industry for 28 years…Jeremy Scott.

Jeremy has a reputation for being very irreverent and dirty with his looks and inspirations. Being so different, is just how he got his fame.

Jeremy Scott is a open conspiracy theorist, with a wicked sense of style. He started the brand Moschino in 1977, and turned it into the empire it is today. This year during New York Fashion Week, he put together a thought-provoking collection. All based around the conspiracy theory that Jackie Kennedy was an alien. That she was responsible for her husband, and Marilyn Monroe’s death.

His twisted inspiration for the collection led to a wonderful mirage of bright neon colors. Even some of the models bodies were painted to give them an alien-like appearance. He created many looks with skirt-suits, and pillbox hats all the same shade.  (The Jackie Kennedy style) Then he created flowy, loose looks with multiple shades of colors.( The marilyn style) By the end of the show he started to make the audience question, is it a Jackie or a Marilyn. Was it both?

Believe it or not this season of Moschino was one of the most laid back season any fashion week follower has ever seen. Instead of fishnet tights, he used none at all. He favored fitted knee-length skirts, over his usual perky big tutus. Even ball gowns, over flirty and fun mini dresses. This change earned him a lot of attention, so that people can actually wear this clothing on a daily basis. He told teen vogue he wants people to ask one question “ Are you a Jackie, or a Marilyn?”

  Whether it is Balmain or Moschino each brand is a designer’s baby. It is like how much the Mona Lisa means to Leonardo Da Vinci. Each collection is the baby growing and changing and developing. There is a purpose to every piece created. 

Both of these brands were built by ordinary people with a vision.  People who tried hard enough to make their visions come true, and to share them with the world. Don’t be scared to share your visions. 

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