Jump for joy at Extreme Air

Jump for joy at Extreme Air

Many people know about the Extreme Air in Boardman, but they don’t know what happens behind the scenes.  We had the opportunity to interview Extreme Air manager Alea Nicholudis and employee Laiken Maurer. They have been working there for over a year.

Extreme Air is mainly a trampoline park, but have they have other activities to do such as laser tag and an arcade.

Nicholudis described each jumping package. There are times of half hour ($10.73), an hour ($15.01), 90 minutes ($19.30) and 2 hours ($22.52). She said laser tag and the arcade is separate from the trampoline park. The laser tag is paid by the game ($6) or unlimited games for two hours ($15). It is not required to purchase a jumping package to do laser tag and vice versa.  

Maurer was explained the arcade system, as well: “You have a swipe card and all the points earned from games are put onto the card. Once you’re done, you give your card to the person working the arcade and claim prizes.”

Since Extreme Air has these activities, they get “extremely busy.” Maurer and Nicholudis both agreed that they get busiest during school breaks especially summer.

Maurer said, “The lines are out the door, people everywhere and it’s just a madhouse!”

Both manager and worker gave some secret information. They explained adding a rope course, football field and paintball in the future. They also revealed the installation of an escape room.

“Since the Niles Extreme Air has been doing fantastic with their escape room, we thought adding one to our facility would help the business grow” said Nicholudis.

The Extreme Air in Boardman will be adding this escape room in the future and hope to bring many more people to their facility.

As of now, to enjoy the escape room fun, the Niles Extreme Air has one up and running!