Freshmen are excited for Infinity War


 On April 27th Marvel’s most anticipated film Avengers: Infinity War will finally be released! It all began with the release of Iron Man in 2008, and since then the The Marvel Cinematic Universe has continued growing! The MCU has been leading up to this movie for ten whole years. The films leading up to Infinity War all intersect perfectly!

The Avengers, The Guardians of the Galaxy, and every other major Marvel superhero all unite to battle their most powerful villain yet – the evil titan Thanos. His mission is to collect all six of the Infinity Stones, which are artifacts of unimaginable and ultimate power, and use them to inflict is twisted will on the entire universe.

We took a survey of random students throughout school and asked them if if they were excited for the movie Infinity War. And twenty two out of thirty (73%) kids said they were thrilled but also quite nervous for the upcoming film! Especially freshmen Amy Zarbaugh, Morgan Robbins and Camren Georgeoff.

We asked Amy what her opinion on Steve Rogers aka Captain America was, and this was her humorous response! “I don’t know I don’t really like him? And I noticed in the other movies that he would wear bright colors, but now he he has a new shield and a bunch of facial hair! He’s all black and emo-looking, so he looks kinda depressed. Doesn’t really matter now, he’s gonna die anyway,” Amy managed to say in between laughs.

Everyone has a favorite superhero, even if you haven’t watched a single superhero movie. And Morgan Robbins’ all time favorite character is definitely Thor Odinson!

“Thor’s so underrated! He’s so sweet and soft, and not to mention attractive, but anyway! He’s always portrayed to be the ‘dumb jock’ of the Avengers and that makes me mad, because he’s so smart and literally has traveled through space for thousands of years, and has more knowledge than any of the Avengers! I love him so much, and the actor Chris Hemsworth wow okay, I’m done,” Morgan exclaimed. Hands off Thor, everyone, he belongs to her!

One of the many questions fans have is: where the heck is the Soul Stone? The Soul Stone is one of the Infinity Stones that Thanos needs to acquire, but no one knows where it is! Marvel fans have created theories, and the one Camren talks about is one of the most popular! “I think Heimdall has it, that’s my theory, because in the Thor movies he has the orange eyes, which is the color of the soul stone, and I think it’s in his sword,” Camren said.

Marvel fans all over the world are trying to prepare themselves mentally and emotionally for what’s to come. Some of our favorite characters will go, some will lose pieces of themselves up there, some will never be the same. And it’s devastating! The big question is: are you ready?