Mr. Hlaudy’s dream job


Most of the student body at Canfield High School could agree that Mr. Hlaudy is a fantastic teacher. He has gained the respect of many of his colleagues and students through not only his ability to teach the content of his academic courses, but also the way he is able to share something more about life.  

Hlaudy has a dream to take this talent one step further and become an inspirational speaker. He said, “Some day, if things work out really well for me, I would like to be touring at least the state of Ohio, but maybe even the country speaking to teens, young adults, and teachers, That’s what I would love to do with my life.”

Every speaker has their own special message that they want to portray to others. Hlaudy explains, “The number one defining characteristic to all of my messages are kinda the same, and that is there’s power in changing people: you’re not who your gonna be yet.”

The main thing that inspires Hlaudy is changing kids. He says that of all of the duties required of a teacher, changing kids is the one that he is most passionate about. He said, “In 23 and a half years of doing this, what inspires me to actually go further and want to do something else is the parts of my job that have really defined me, and that’s changing kids, changing other people’s lives and watching them grow because some kids don’t realize what their potential is.”

Adding to the fact that inspiring kids is a part of his job, Hlaudy says along with teaching physics, he includes mini lessons into his teaching which his students call, “Life Lessons.” Hlaudy hopes these mini lessons inspire kids and give them hope.

When asked why he hasn’t pursued his dream career, Hlaudy answered with the fact that there is alot that goes into being a grown adult. He said that he has reached “a stage of life where it’s hard to break away and do something else.”

Hlaudy is heavily invested in his job, the team that he coaches, as well as his family. He shares that if he decided to take on a new career, he would need to dedicate a large sum of time into this and take some time away from the things that he already loves, which he says he is not willing to do at his current stage of life

Hlaudy concludes his interview by saying that the time is approaching when he will be able to pursue his dream. He says that when his children graduate, he will have more time to invest into inspirational speaking.