Tinseltown’s new identity


Looking for a new, fun, way to see movies with family and friends? Look no further!

In Mahoning County, there are a plethora of movie theaters, but they all have the same musty, cloth seats, with only a small selection of movies, times, and snackies. A study from KLTV in Tyler, Texas found shocking results regarding the old movie theater seats and their cleanliness. They found thousands of colonies of bacteria, and that bacteria can actually make people sick. They also found hundreds of stool organisms, also known as fecal matter. KLTV says, “think twice before heading to the box office.”

Cinemark USA has changed this problem entirely with recent installations and new renovations across the country, leaving every participant excited, and more importantly, comfortable.

These new renovations, called Luxury Lounges, started to pop up in Cinemark USA theaters in 2016. Ever since there has been massive excitement and Mahoning county was added to the list to get its first Luxury Lounge.  

It’s only been about a month since Cinemark Tinseltown Movie Theatre in Boardman implemented these new renovations and the Luxury Lounges, but ever since, this theater has been booming.

The biggest renovation has to be the new, leather, recliner chairs. Each theatre is equipped with 181 recliner chairs, and the best part is that don’t have to worry about not seeing the screen because there are walls separating each row of chairs.  

The comfy chairs are just the beginning because there is now a bar and more food items than your typical popcorn and candy. Now available are sliders, fries, chicken tenders and chicken wings, just to name a few of the new food choices.

To get a sense if these renovations were necessary for the general public’s enjoyment. We decided to interview random moviegoers after they purchased their ticket to get their reactions on the new movie theater features.

All people we interviewed chose to remain anonymous. Out of the four people, three of them had been to the movies before the renovations, and one of them came for the first time because of talk about the renovations. Each person being interviewed said his experience before the renovations were good, but the seats remained to be “problematic”.

For example one of the people we interviewed said, “The seats were okay, but they were sticky, squeaky and very confined. I didn’t like that. Also, they didn’t have a large selection of movies before.”

Worry not, because upon asking them about their “upgraded” experience, each participant was eager to share that it was nothing but a success.

One of the people we interviewed stated, “It makes you feel at home like you’re watching a movie in your house.”

Another woman said, “just because how comfortable the chairs are…like I know that sounds stupid but it makes a difference being able to lean back. It’s just new, cleaner and just nice.”

All of the participants agreed that the new food options were a great addition because going out to dinner before or after the movies is not an issue anymore.

A customer said, “I thought it was pretty cool..and they have food and they have stuff to drink and it’s a lot bigger and a lot more to offer.” This is a very useful upgrade that is more flexible to people with hectic schedules.

Overall, the people we interviewed loved the new movie experience. They all agreed it was extremely flexible for every person, and with more movie choices and times, there is definitely something everyone can find.

Along with all of their new updates, they have even included a new promotional app that can be downloaded onto your mobile device for free!  The app,  entitled “The Movie Club,” offers discounts, and for $8.99 a month, its users can get one free movie ticket a month and add on movie tickets for $8.99

Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?