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Personality profile: The Rat

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Since mid-October, there has been a fad in the classroom of Mr. Jennings. One day, a mysterious fake rat appeared in room 107. The rodent immediately became a well-known meme of the classroom. In an effort to learn more about this little guy, I secured an exclusive interview with Mr. Chris Jennings himself. Many were intrigued by the origins of the rat, and who else to ask than the teacher?

“It was towards the beginning of the school year,” said Jennings. “It was displayed prominently on a shelf.”

Upon further investigation, it turned out that while Jennings always claimed to have no knowledge of the rat’s origins, he knew precisely where it came from and why it was there.

“It was a prop for Gregory Halley’s informative speech. We bought a three pack and he didn’t need all three,” claimed Jennings.

As it turned out, there was not one rat, but three! The first was being used as a speech prop, Jennings kept the second and Halley kept the third.

I pressed Jennings to find out just how big of an impact his rat had on the classroom.

“About half [of the class] or so would ask about it or seek it out in the room,” Jennings said. “One girl, Anna Dudash, made a hat for the rat.”

I decided to sit down with Anna Dudash to get a student’s perspective on this phenomenon.

“He was iconic,” said Dudash. “We had a competition on who could give him a name.” Students decided to write possible names on the whiteboard for the rat and then voted on it.

“It was the natural progression of things,” said Jennings. He further explained that once something is a part of the class and cared for to a certain degree, a name will naturally have to be selected.

Dudash swears that the name chosen was “Rat With a Hat,” but according to Jennings, the consensus was his name was “Remy.”

“If anyone says it’s not ‘Rat With a Hat,’ they’re lying. It’s ‘Rat With a Hat,’” Dudash spoke adamantly.

“I think it’s a little dehumanizing to refer to it as ‘Rat With a Hat,’” commented Jennings. It appears as though the name of the rat is disputed.

Regardless, the rat had a large impact on the class, particularly on Block 2 Honors English 10. Different sources estimate that 50% or more of the class were involved with the rat to some degree.

“That was our kid. Us, twenty three parents, raised that one rat to be the man he is today,” Dudash proudly stated.

The rat has not been as popular with Jennings’ later classes. The rat, for Dudash’s class, was something that came into their lives and gave it intrigue. The rat was an odd, personified object that showed up one day, changed things up, and faded away.

“It was fun. It’s different. Gives something to look forward to,” Jennings commented. Such a statement sums up the story of the rat.


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Personality profile: The Rat