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Exploring local farms – Huffman’s Fruit Farm in Salem


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Victor Labra, Senior Contributor

Some people seek fame, longing for the joy that stardom, recognition and possessions may bring. In every human being there is a nature that drives us to be “seen.” For some, that validation comes from making the high school football team, being accepted into an ivy league college, or simply the approval of our peers or parents.

But for Victor Labra, the recognition he seeks comes from one place alone: God.

In Victor’s time outside of school, he sings in a band with his brothers – The Labra Brothers – that allows him to sing music of all genres and travel with his family to perform in various places in Ohio.

“Although it feels good in the moment to have all eyes on you, in my journey with God, I don’t strive to glorify myself, but to glorify the one who gave me the gift of music in the first place. It is important to remember where your gifts have come from,” said Victor.

In addition to singing in a band, he is also a worship leader at Greenford Christian Church.

Labra shared, “After living my life for so long without Jesus or being plugged into a church, I asked my brothers if they would bring me to the church where they attend. The atmosphere of Greenford was welcoming and genuine.”

Labra is evident in the way that he cares to share his gift from God with the world and his testimony has truly been inspiring to many.

“When my walk with the Lord began, I knew God was calling me to allow people to experience His love through song and through my gift. Sure, the adoration of a crowd singing back to you feels great, but singing praises to God and being in his presence is a feeling I truly cannot describe,” said Labra.

He concluded that because of his “trust and hope” in God for his future, he highly anticipates everything that God has in store for his life.

– Lindsay Davis

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Exploring local farms – Huffman’s Fruit Farm in Salem