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Behind the Book #3: An interview with Candy Ann Little

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Hello everyone, and welcome back to the third installment of Behind the Book! Today, we’re heading to Kentucky, with Candy Ann Little.

Candy is a contemporary Christian romance writer, with her novels Unforgiving Ghosts, and The Unwilling Bride, a more historical tale, fitting right into her style. Along with these she has two full-length mystery novels, Murder of an Oil Heiress and Death by Broken Heart. And more recently she is tossing around ideas for a middle-school level novel and a horror story, giving her a wide range of genres she has dabbled in.

“And if you count my poetry, which is really bad, I’d say I have most areas covered!” Candy added humorously.

But she always goes back to the love and the faith, even in her reading preferences! “My all time favorite genre is historical romance, followed by contemporary romance. That is my comfort zone,” she explained.

Writing seems to find many people in various situations throughout life. To some, it comes naturally, to others it takes years of practice. For a few, writing is something they pursued since day one, while to others it was pushed into their lives through circumstance. And in these circumstances it is often in times of needing something to latch onto to make sense of the world. This rings true especially for Candy.

“My third child, Megan, died the night before I went into labor.” Candy said, recounting the moment in her life.

She explained that everything had been fine, seemingly perfect. But complications arose, and after getting to the hospital, an ultrasound revealed no heartbeat.

“I went through eight hours of labor pains, knowing my daughter was already dead, and my husband was looking through the phone book to find a funeral home. I kept thinking, this isn’t how it’s supposed to happen,” she said. 

A pain such as this is simply indescribable. The loss of a child, let alone the loss of any family, seems evermore impossible to recover from. Forgetting? Unheard of. But even the idea of accepting and trying to simply live life once more seems unreachable.

But hope can always be found.

After the loss, Candy explained, a counselor came to speak with her. She suggested keeping a journal to cope. A way to sort out her emotions. After a bit of uncertainty, due to nothing other than the fact that she had never had any kind of journal, Candy gave it a shot.

She explained said, “When grief is so overwhelming, and all you see is darkness everywhere, you are willing to try anything to help lessen the pain.”

And Candy found something that could save her, even if just a little. Writing.

She explained, “I could cry, scream, rant and rave without feeling any pressure about saying and doing the right thing, because no one else was reading it.”

Eventually, from simply writing down her thoughts and emotions, she began to contemplate writing it all down in an actual novel. A memoir. But even with this newfound love, this start of a passion, emotions were still too raw. Candy, instead of a memoir, decided to try to write a fictional story. And all that she went through is what sparked her first novel, Unforgiving Ghosts.

She explained, “I named my heroin after my daughter, and poured all my heartache into her.”

But it wasn’t just her writing that pulled her through this stage of her life. She also stayed strong to her faith, believing it is even part of the force that pushed her into the world of writing.

“I have dealt with issues in my own life and God always brings me through. When I think back on the day Megan died, I stood in the rain at her grave wondering why God was punishing me. What had I done that was so bad that he’d take my child? Now, twenty years later, I realize that I’d never become a writer if I hadn’t lost her. Would I give anything to have her here with me? Yes! But I have found a freedom and healing in my writing that has shaped me into the person I am today. I am content knowing that God always has a plan, even if I don’t understand it,” Candy said.

So with these two forces together, Candy was able to find shelter, and love in the darkest of times. And today, she is writing in full force.

Writing, Candy put eloquently, “was truly a lifeline when I needed it. My hope is that my writing will have an impact on others going through trials.”

Lately, due to some health issues and the wonderfully hectic time of her daughter’s wedding coming up, she’s been struggling to get much done.

“Right now it’s just finding time to write,” she explained.

But with all the novels mentioned earlier, she’s expanding her reaches in the realm of creative writing ever more. With quite a few new book ideas, and a sequel to The Unwilling Bride in the works, along with plans to convert said novel into audio format, various languages, and a TV movie script, she’s got plenty to work on and look forward to towards the future.

To any aspiring writers out there, Candy had this to say: “Don’t give up! I spent years sending out my manuscripts and felt like quitting numerous times. When I realized I wasn’t getting any younger, I decided to self publish. After a few years I met Jo from InknBeans Press and they published my mystery. And now we are in the process of converting all my titles over to them. Never, ever give up on your dreams!”

And with that, we shall go ahead and wrap this up. Be sure to check out Candy’s novels! You can find her through either of the links posted below! Thanks for sticking around and reading another Behind the Book!

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Behind the Book #3: An interview with Candy Ann Little