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CHS students make the Switch

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The Nintendo Switch is now in players’ hands – well, those who were able to get their hands on it, as it was one of the fastest selling consoles of all time.

The critical reception so far has been great, but I wanted to hear some local thoughts from people around my school who were able to secure one – things such as the price, how difficult it was to get one, what games they bought for the console and why they decided to purchase one. Here were some of their responses.

Dylan Mead, a sophomore at Canfield High School, recently purchased a Nintendo Switch with his own money. Is he happy with his purchase? Does he enjoy the games he is currently playing?

Stefanick: Now that the Nintendo Switch is out, what are your thoughts about it?  

Mead: It’s a great console! The fact that it’s portable but can also be used at home is great. Another thing is if the power goes out the console doesn’t shut off because you can just pick it up.

Stefanick: How much did you pay for the console?

Mead: I spent $300 on the console and $100 on the game because I got the deluxe edition so all together I spent $430 overall because of tax.

Stefanick: Now tell me the story on how you got your console.

Mead: I knew they were gonna be hard to get because I was reading up on it. I was heading home from work and I was planning on going to go to gamestop and wait in line and hope I got one. But I got a call from a friend and he told me that they were handing out tickets at Walmart and if I got there I would be able to get one and get a switch at midnight. They only had twenty tickets and I got the thirteenth out of twenty. The thing is they didn’t really make it public that they were giving out tickets. So not many people knew.

Stefanick: So what is your favorite part of the console then?

Mead: How portable it is and being able to take the controllers off of the side of the console, as well. The controllers are actually extremely comfortable.

Stefanick: Why did you decide to buy a Nintendo Switch?

Mead: Well, originally I saw the console and I wanted it for the new Mario game. Not Legend of Zelda because I’m not into that type of game usually. But then I saw some gameplay of it and I was like I NEED THAT! So I decided to buy one at launch.

Stefanick: Have you thought about buying any other Switch games?

Mead: I have been wanting to buy a lot of them, but I don’t have the money after just buying the console.

Stefanick: So do you think the Nintendo Switch prices are too expensive then?

Mead: Full blown games like Super Bomberman R which is priced at $50 are more of a $30 quality, but then you have games like Zelda that make up for it.

Stefanick: Do you think people who have not bought a Switch yet should wait to buy one or get one now?

Mead: Depends on your preference. If you want to play Legend of Zelda now and you don’t own a Wii U currently, then yes. But it depends on if you care about the games currently out right now or not. Or if you can wait until Winter with the new Mario and Splatoon.

Next up. I was moving to my next owner of a Nintendo Switch when a sophomore named Alex Sanders rudely interrupted me with how he cannot afford a Switch so after continually begging me to put him in with this story, I obliged.

Stefanick: So, Alex, how does it feel to not own a Switch console?

Sanders: So I have a lot of experience playing the Switch because all of my friends have one, and I don’t. Because my parents wouldn’t let me buy one.

Stefanick: What game do you want the most?

Sanders: I want Just Dance 2017. I really like Just Dance 2017 on the Wii U and I think it would be really fun to play it with the enhanced motion controls.

Stefanick: Well, uhhhh, thanks for nothing…

Grant DeCapua is a respectable young man who is a senior in our High School. He is apart of the Band, Speech and debate team, enjoys fast cars, and has just recently purchased a Switch console. We go behind the Subaru in this next interview to discover why he purchased one.

Stefanick: So how hard was it to get your Switch?

DeCapua: Wasn’t hard after launch. Just a little bit more money. They were all over Craigslist but they were all over $100-$150 above regular price point. A guy bought two or three of them and he was a smart one. He bought and resold them all. I ended up paying $475 for the console. But I did get the neon controllers and I got Zelda with it, so yeah, I payed $50 dollars extra for the console because I got the other stuff.

Stefanick: Do you think it was worth it?

DeCapua: I do. I have been playing Breath of the Wild nonstop. It is unlike any other Zelda game. It’s great.

Stefanick: Do you think the games are worth the higher price point?

DeCapua: Certain ones are. I say Zelda definitely is because there is so much to do. It’s like a cartoon Skyrim. You can beat the game in like 25-30 minutes, but if you actually go slow and do all the side missions, you have about 200 hours of game time. I feel like Bomberman is not worth a $60 price tag. I think they are just trying to squeeze as much money out of it as possible because of launch and everyone wanting a console.

Stefanick: Are there any games you’re looking forward to?

DeCapua: I’m really looking forward to Super Mario Odyssey. It’s kinda different than any other Mario game so far graphics-wise. Gameplay-wise, it’s gonna be close to Super Mario 64. That was one of the first games I ever played. The new Mario Kart as well, I’m always looking forward to that.

Stefanick: Do you think the screen is too small in handheld mode?

DeCapua: This is what I think people are getting hung up on. Playing two player on the handheld but it is not really what it’s for. It’s a console as well as a handheld so I think it is just fine. It’s bigger than the DS XL, it’s bigger than the PS Vita, so I think the switch is just fine in handheld mode. I think people are just getting hung up about two player mode in handheld mode. But lets face it, how many opportunities are you gonna have to do that?

Stefanick: Any final thoughts on the console?

DeCapua: I highly recommend getting one. If you can’t afford the higher price point right now just wait until April when they are shipping more out. I have the feeling Nintendo is going to get it right with this one.

In third we have Jarod Lanzo. Jarod is a Canfield senior who is in the band as well. But did you know he is also a Nintendo connoisseur. Owning mostly every Nintendo console and having a vast knowledge of first party and third party games. Jarod gives us his insight and thoughts on the Nintendo Switch console.

Stefanick: So what are your thoughts on the Switch console?

Lanzo: It’s the best Nintendo console since the Gamecube for hardcore players and the most accessible for new players since the Nintendo Wii. I think that it has a lot of good games on it. It is easy to access for younger children, and hard to break so they can take it anywhere.

Stefanick: What is your favorite part about the Nintendo Switch?

Lanzo: The fact that it’s portable yet it’s a full home console, plus it’s Nintendo.

Stefanick: How much did you pay for the console?

Lanzo: I managed to pre-order it the day pre-orders went up so I only had to pay $316 total. The games I got were Zelda at launch, 1-2- Switch, Shovel Knight, and Sniper Clips. But Zelda, of course, is my favorite. Its got the most production value, I can spend the most time in it. I have 50 something hours in it and I can see at least triple that.

Stefanick: Is it your favorite out of the Zelda games you have played so far?

Lanzo: Second favorite. I would still say that Majora’s Mask on the N64 is my favorite but only because of childhood nostalgia.

Stefanick: Was your Switch hard to get or no?

Lanzo:  No, I had it delivered to my house but the accessories are hard to get.

Stefanick: Do you think the high price points of the games are reasonable, obnoxious, or take away from the games overall value?

Lanzo: I think it is fine because with the Wii U, Nintendo took a major loss and with the Switch they need to be turning a profit, so whatever way they can do that is fine by me because like I said i’m a fan, so i’ll support them. I just want them to make enough money to where they will be around longer.

Lastly we have Brandon Kemp, a CHS Sophomore who is in band as well. But did you also know he does karate. We try to break this block of wood and find out why Brandon has purchased a Switch console.

Stefanick: What are your thoughts on the console?

Kemp: I think it’s muy Bueno. I love the Joy Con idea. I believe they are comfortable to hold and I imagined them being bigger but the grips make it fine.

Stefanick: What are some of the games you got and enjoyed most?

Kemp: Zelda. It’s such a good game. They took a lot of undesirable ideas out of old Zelda games and put in some unique new ideas like breakable weapons that makes me wanna play more of it. The other game I got was Super Bomberman R. Now I haven’t played through the entire game yet but I am enjoying the campaign so far. The main reason I bought it was for the multiplayer.

Stefanick: Do you think it was worth the $50 price tag?

Kemp: I don’t really pick out the precise details of a game. But that was the first bomberman game I have ever played. So sitting down and playing with my friends and having that experience, I think it was worth the price point.

So, in the end, I believe it is all over the place with buying a Switch now or waiting. But those we spoke to who bought the console loves it and Zelda. So if you have a burning passion for Zelda, I suggest getting one. If you however can wait for more titles to launch maybe you just might want to wait a little bit.

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CHS students make the Switch