How to find a great book when the libraries have closed their doors


Gioia Mavar, Senior Contributor

Imagine sitting next to a warm fire or bathing in the warm sun, reading a book…

Let’s be honest, who has time for that?

You. You’ve got plenty of time for that. For the next however many weeks, people just like you all across the globe will be stuck inside and finding themselves rather bored. Despite, avoiding many pressing tasks that should probably get done, we’re bored.

What better time than to light that fire, grab a book, blanket and read? But there’s one question: where can you find the perfect book?! Browsing at the bookstore is not an option and the libraries have closed their doors. So how can you find new books without leaving your home?

Here are three ways you can read thousands of books without even stepping out of the house. 

Although taking a trip to the library every couple weeks may be a common routine of many, what some might not realize is that most libraries offer free ebook rentals to those that have a library card. In our community, the Canfield Library does just that.

Of course, these books are only to rent on your device but available to you whenever you’re up for a good read. However, there is a limit to how many you have rented at one time but as soon as you’re finished with one, you can begin another. To access these books, the Canfield Library has a large screen in the lobby, where you can choose ebooks to rent off your library card or you can go to their website, select Our Collection then choose your direction at Digital Books & More. 

This next strategy is for those that don’t have a library account. There are hundreds of outlets from which to choose your ebooks. The most popular being Audible and Amazon Kindle ebooks. Each of these outlets have apps that allow you to listen to audiobooks as well! You can select from hundreds of thousands of ebooks to rent or buy that will upload automatically to your phone or any device where the app is downloaded. Audible has a free trial available to every new account and some Amazon Kindle ebooks are free with Amazon Prime, which also provides a free trial. But here’s the trick! If you sign up for a free trial of Amazon prime for 30 days, you also can get Audible FREE for 90 days, with your prime membership!

For some, reading electronically can be tough on the eyes, they find themselves struggling to stay focused, or the prices are too costly. No worries! Alibris, Thriftbooks, and Better World Books are all websites were you can purchase all different kinds of gently used books and ebooks with vastly reduced prices! Textbooks even, with prices as low as 80 cents! New books can also be found on these sites, with reduced prices as well and when you reach a certain price in your cart, free shipping is offered! The best part is, right now at Better World Books, free expedited shipping is being offered with 20% off on all orders that use the promo code, SAVE20! Shipped quickly, right to your doorstep. What more could you ask for? 

All three of these sites provide libraries the opportunity to make new room on their shelves for more material and earn extra money by re-purposing their books they no longer have use for. 

Each of these strategies is the perfect way to find millions of new books to chose, from the comfort of your own home. Cure your boredom day to day by turning another page of a book from your device or in your own hands!