The CHS Instagram community weighs in on their time away from school


Joshua Farley, Sophomore Contributor

It’s been a hard adjustment period for all of us lately, no doubt. In just a few days, new regulations and orders were passed that turned all of our lives upside down. One of these was an executive order from the office of Governor Mike DeWine closing all schools for a period of three weeks and forcing students and teachers to come to terms with fully online learning for the first time.

With such changes being unprecedented in history, and after we only start to get our legs back under us about a week into this process – at the time of writing – it seems important to get firsthand records of how each of us has reacted to these changes, and what the experience has meant for each person’s educational outlook.

To gauge the public perception of this social distancing initiative, I decided to ask a few simple questions on my Instagram, simply gathering opinions and statistics on how each student has been working so far. These were my questions:

  1. How has working from home been so far?
  2. How many hours a day have you been working, on average?
  3. Do you prefer working at school, or at home?

After asking these questions, I got several responses over the next day, and some of the results were more varied than expected. Overall, though, it seems that most people stand on the side that regular school is better than home schooling, seeing the changes since social distancing started as overall negative.

As much as the stereotype stands that all teenagers hate to go to school each day, responses like these, from local students, show that maybe our distaste for school is exaggerated. In fact, many say that school offers many benefits to their lives, that this time of social distancing can’t seem to provide.

Senior Katrina Reed said, “[I] kinda hate it. I miss my teachers and friends.”

Luckily, there are plenty of options through technology to keep connected, apps like Snapchat, Instagram, and FaceTime have been used by many to keep up-to-date with their friends. However, these apps, as well as a lack of supervision from teachers, has caused many to feel stressed as they become more free to procrastinate.

Students like Sophomore Griffin Littler say they have been free to get distracted from classwork, and others mentioned that the process to stay on track has been “tedious” and very much akin to a college schedule.

Even though there have been negative impacts on students’ lives since the process of homeschooling has begun, many here are still optimistic. Most of the students have gotten themselves on track to work more efficiently, with the participants in the survey working an average of 4 to 5 hours each day. With many starting to get the hang of regulating their own time, the growing pains that came with adjusting to social distancing seem to be starting to fade as well.

Overall, participants noted feeling optimistic that our lives will get back on track soon, and many have even started to grow appreciation for the process of homeschooling as it stands now.

Canfield students like senior Hannah Edwards reported positive feelings for the homeschooling process, as they have mastered the process of managing time, and getting assignments completed responsibly.

Freshman Grace Min said, “It’s been weird but it’s been an eye opening experience,” summing up the feelings of many of the survey’s subjects.

The vast majority of Canfield students in the survey noted similar feelings of cautious optimism, not quite sure what to think about the situation that the Coronavirus, and society’s responses to it, have brought us into.

Just keep in mind all the activities that have been encouraged by Governor Mike DeWine, as well as public health experts lately, mostly that all students out there should remember to look for the bright side of our new homeschooling situation, no matter if it lasts for just one more week, or far into the future. Remember to keep positive, keep busy, keep talking with friends, and keep getting outside, and all of us will make it through the Coronavirus pandemic and back to regular life before we know it!