Majority of students prefer being in school

Alexis Pomponio

A lot has changed recently at Canfield High School and for students around the world.

Due to the spread of the COVID-19 virus, Governor DeWine issued an order that schools can no longer be in session. That being said, Canfield High School, as well as the entire Canfield district, has switched to an online school for the foreseeable future. 

Many students have responded differently to doing school online. From a poll conducted, 65% of students said they prefer doing school work at school, while 35% of students said they prefer doing school work at home.

The reasons why students prefer school work at home or school also differed. One main reason that students prefer to do school work at home is that they are able to work at their own pace.

Julia Fisher, a sophomore at Canfield High School said, “[School is] less stressful at home because I work at my own pace.” 

Many high school students are also stressed because of school. However the stress level now is different due to doing school at home.

Sophomore Jenna Vrabel said, “I’m able to do it [school] at my own pace, [it is] less stressful, and I feel like I have less work than normal.”

The stress of school may slightly lighten due to the fact school is now being completed at home, with surroundings students are used to, as well as working at your own pace. However, some students’ stress level may heighten.

Sophomore Emily Wilson said, “My stress level is at level 100.”

Without a teacher for students to rely on, doing school at home may be a stressful situation. Teaching yourself information is a difficult task that students may not be used to.

Teachers also have to adjust to the new challenge schools are facing. Teachers have to figure out how to teach students online. Many teachers are now using Google Classroom to introduce new material to students.  This is a difficult task that teachers have to face not being custom to teaching over the internet. However, all teachers have made it work and have figured something out for their classes to do while students are on a break due to the Coronavirus.

Multiple things have changed in the past couple of weeks with school. Many students have responded differently to the new challenge the school systems are being faced with. Some students are more stressed, while others find it being a stress-free environment. But some students also prefer doing work at school, rather than at home. This shows that every student is different, as well as students having different preferences to learning. Without teachers, learning new material may seem like a challenging task. Overall, both teachers and students have adapted to the challenge the school is facing and are making it work until school is able to be back in session.